Make Me Laugh

I had a good workout this morning.  And I must say I have been quite contemplative as well.  On the drive in I got to thinking about when I started this blog.  Just over ten months ago on December 7, 2011.  The day after I had my heart procedure.  It has been an interesting journey this past year.

I will be able to go off the blood thinning medication on my anniversary date.  Yeah!  Then after a few months I will have to go for a round of tests to ensure the modifications made to the artery are successful.  Very strange.

When I began this I was bit all over the map.  Then I decided I was going to do a 12 week optimum health plan.  As that time frame came to a close I realized that I needed to adopt this life style, that it couldn’t just be for 12 weeks.  So the commitment was made to self to try to live a healthier life in all regards.

It has not been as easy as it sound on paper.  For the last couple of years I have cleaning out my emotional closet.  Yikes!  You don’t want to know what I’ve been hoarding in that back closet!  The thing that has repeatedly come up are emotional blockages.  I will be moving along fine, than bam!  A trigger is pulled and the emotional vaults open and I find myself dealing with something from a lifetime ago.  The good news is I am dealing with these issues.

I wonder why it is so hard to hang on to happiness.  Those moments come so unexpectedly.  A funny story, the sudden joy when there is a mist on the river, the delight at getting caught in the rain or the pleasure at watch a duck waddle down a pathway.  Just that pure pleasure that is experienced.

I love to laugh.  Last Saturday I watched Saturday Night Live and it was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time.  I have been a big fan of the show from the beginning and while I certainly haven’t seen every episode, I can say that I am a regular.

A few years ago I had tickets to go see George Carlin.  I got them in the third row, centre stage.  I was ridiculously excited.  He is a favorite of mine.   Always has been, always will be.  I was heading into work a few days after purchasing the tickets when the news came on.  George Carlin had died.  The tears were immediate.  I wouldn’t get to see him live.  SNL decided to play their debut show in tribute as  George Carlin hosted the very first show.

So I knew what I was doing that Saturday night.  I curled up in front of my TV at 11:35 PM here on the west coast.  I had watched the original show when it debuted.  I had been 17 years of age, I was living on my own and working through one of the toughest periods in my life.  I didn’t know it at that time, however, so when the show began I looked back over the span of time and saw the journey that I have traveled.  Been a bumpy one at times.

That was an emotional night for me.  George was gone.  Janis Ian came out and sang ‘At Seventeen’ which really spoke to me at that time.  In an odd way I was experiencing the insecurities and the fears of my 17-year-old self once more.

The funny business has certainly changed over the years.  Still, I think the ability to make someone laugh is one of the greatest gifts.  And laughter as you know, is extremely good for you.  I have come a long way and I have even further to go.  Every once in a while, as I move through these blockages, it’s good to remember how far I have come and not get caught in that emotional vortex that seems to sideline you for a time.

I have a rather odd sense of humour, which I have at times displayed in some of my posts here.  I have found things incredibly funny and laughed until I was crying and my stomach hurt, and yet I will be the only person who found that certain something funny.  Those little incidentals that just happen, delightfully so.  I will continue to work at living a healthier AND happier life.  Somehow the two just go together, don’t they?

And thanks to everyone who has checked into my ramblings on regular basis.

Be well, be happy.


4 thoughts on “Make Me Laugh

  1. I wonder why it is so hard to hang on to happiness.

    This is a good question. It just doesn’t seem to stick with us the way pain and sadness does, which as you’ve said, can endure for years. Sometimes it seems like some sort of failing in the human condition.

    But you’re right about the benefits of laughter. I love to laugh as well, and often laugh myself into tears. I think laugh-crying is the body’s way of helping us deal with pain in a gentler manner, or else rid us of pain we no longer need to carry.


    • Well, I am certainly trying to cut away from those energies and focus more on the pleasant ones. Not an easy task, but very doable. I believe that these painful energies tend to be things that we retain and they can be triggered by outside stimuli as well. When that occurs, often we suppress the emotion yet again. These days I am trying to work through them as they arise.


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