A Cold Front

When I left the house this morning, I felt like had been holed up in my home for an extremely long time.  Sitting in front of computer screen will do that to you, I suppose.  I did get out on Saturday as you know.  Yesterday was this big push to try to get the editing completely done, but to know avail.  I decided that I really wasn’t particularly crazy about the last couple of chapters.  So I have to rethink and rewrite them.  Give myself a bit of distance then tackle it.

And I have got to tell you, when I stepped out into the dark of morning with the crisp, fresh air nibbling at my cheeks, I felt energized.  Driving in,  I could see the freshly fallen snow on the mountain tops and a low-lying fog hung down around the trees.  It’s a cool one today, just 2 degrees this morning.  I just got back from a walk during lunch and it is likely only about 10 degrees now.  The shift in seasons is now complete.  It looks more like winter today than it does autumn.

I have been taking a photo essay over the last two weeks of the trees outside my office.  I wanted to chronicle the loss of their foliage.  Hopefully I will be able to put together a decent little piece.  They are very close to being bare now.  A few good rain storms and a some wind will do it every time.

You know, it is interesting, there are times when I feel so isolated.  I certainly felt that way at times last week.  I know I am not alone, but at times I felt so cut off from everything and everyone.  Just that little window known as a computer screen to keep the lifeline open, to keep me connected.  Somehow that just seems so odd.

I got thinking about the snow geese and how they move in such massive numbers.  Likely it’s part of their survival to travel in such a large group, and yet at the same time, they do become rather vulnerable for that very reason as well.  I got to thinking about our social network and how much it has changed with the advent of technology.  In a discussion with a fellow from one of my writing groups on the weekend, he spoke of teachers and how many of them are now wanting to ban electronic devices from being used in the classroom all together.  Teachers cannot keep up with the pace of technology.

Their jobs are shifting continually.  One idea that I really like that he had, was to download all reference books (i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, text books, etc.) onto e-readers such as Kindles or Kobos.  These could be signed out by students and perhaps have a monetary deposit attached.  It would likely be less expensive this way than having to access books in the library or go out and physically buy them.  That is not to say that libraries should not be maintained.  There is definitely a place for the written word in hard copy format.  Still, the idea of having these types of materials on an e-reader makes it functional.   It’s kind of the best of both worlds.  The student wouldn’t be using the internet to look up information.  They would be learning how to use reference materials and how to evaluate and the information presented and how to cross reference it.

This I believe to be a fundamentally valuable tool to anyone.  The thing too, is that information is continually being upgraded.  Theories that once held water have now been proven to be incorrect and yet another line of thinking has replaced the knowledge that was for a time set in stone.  It is great to have brilliant minds that challenge and observe, but keep in mind their findings are always open for scrutiny and can in fact, be incorrect.  Still, it is this line of thinking that continually changes and challenges that has brought us to where we are today.

An example of changing facts could be as follows. For a time it was believed with the Big Bang theory that the universe was collapsing on itself.  Then in the 1980’s it was discovered that the universe is in fact still expanding.  Now with the God Particle theory having been proven more doors are opening and how we interpret the information provided comes down to understanding and accessing other information that is available as well.  I guess the beauty of the internet is that this information can be freely accessed and shared now.  Much easier than in previous decades.

Still learning how apply deductive reasoning can be used in so many aspects of our life.  At the end of the day, just running with your intuition will at times be your best navigator.  All of this comes from learning and that never ends.  For me, the classroom has indeed changed, and I kind of like it out in this big old world of ours.  If anything, I would love to see children get excited about learning again, to be inspired by it.  Let’s hope that will become the new trend.  What a concept!

Well, now that I have waxed poetic about the learning curve I will go back and make my way through last weeks pile of work.  There is a cold front moving in.  Got a feeling we are for a cool winter this year.

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