Yesterday I went on yet another photowalk.  I am definitately going to commit to doing this once a month when they meet.  These events are fabulous and I certainly learned a ton yesterday and was given enough information regarding sites  online and  tutorials to check out that should keep me busy for the next month.

We went out to the George C. Riefel Bird Sanctuary which is at the mouth of the Fraser River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean.  This is a lush wetland area.  We currently have thousands of Snow Geese that have recently migrated from Russia and it is spectacular to behold.  I saw Falcons and Hawks and was stalked relentlessly by the ducks.

They are incredibly tame and used to being fed by the humans.  Bird seed is sold for a $1.00 a bag and watching a small child’s delight while surrounded by thirty or forty ducks that plaintively insist on being fed brings a smile to me.

The ducks also walk the trails and inhabit the many water ways that are strewn about the area.  I see Cranes with wingspans that exceed my height.  I try to ready the camera but he moves over me so quickly that initially I don’t get the shot.  He is gracious enough to grant me a few more passes so I do get a decent shot of him.

There is a connection  that I feel to everthing around me.  I am wandering the trails and am mesmerized by the lush beauty that surrounds me.  It is very humbling.  The marsh lands stretch out for miles around me and bullrushes thrust up amonst the long grasses.  This place is just a 1/2 hour drive from my home.

Once again the weather cooperated fully.  The sun came out, though it is cold now.  By day’s end the clouds began to roll in.  I slipped back into the car and was once again greeted by pumpkin fields of orange.

Back to life in the City.  Back to my home.  I feel priviledged to have these places so close to me.

Sanctuary is such a beautiful term as well.  It made me feel safe and insulated even while a duck complained bitterly that I had not fed him.  The chickadees are so used to humans that all you need do is hold your hand out and they will come sit on your hand and look for food.  One guy, that had an absolutley amazing camera, held his hand out to allow me to take a picture with the chickadee on his hand.  The little bird was rather annoyed that no food could be found in the man’s palm so he gave the thumb a little bite just before flying off.

We laughed at this.  I hope you enjoy some of the images I took there yesterday.  Quite the home this place we call planet Earth.


4 thoughts on “Sanctuary

    • Thanks. There are so many beautiful places to go in this area. And they really are not far. What is nice about this group is that if you need a ride everyone carpool as well. I am glad you enjoyed the shots.


      • last week we had to take the ferry to Tsawwassen and the tide was out there.. I have never seen so many herons in one place in my life. on the road to the #10 there were red-tailed hawks sitting on fence posts right beside the highway.. I was sad at not being able to pull over to take photos of these things..


      • It really amazes me how many beautiful birids we have. I work in downtown Vancouver and there are Eagles that I see quite often. There is a nest of eagles at the start of Vanier Park , right by the Coast Guard Station and there are several nests in Trout Lake in East Vancouver. I live in New West and see falcons sitting on the lamp standards quite frequently, but the thing is, you;re right. Can’t just stop and take a picture.


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