Picture This…A Few Stories and Tasy Morsels

I thought I would share a few of the photos from the photowalk and that are just favourites of mine.  I have been playing with certain aspects of these images.  I don’t have Photoshop so all I can do really is play with the exposure and the colour saturation.  The first photograph you see is acually a chip in a store window.  The store is located in Gastown, which is the oldest neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.  The name of the store is Coastal People and it house Native Art pieces.  I originally took some shots of the pieces displayed in the window.  I zoomed in on this and thought it quite interesting that the window chip resembled an Eagle’s head.

The second photograph here was taken last December, just prior to when I began this blog.  I woke one Sunday morning to find this magical mist on the Fraser River a few blocks from my home in New Westminster.  I did enter a post on my blog about this titled Misty River.  That is still one of those days that for me was just so rich in abundance.  I found myself in another world that day.


This is just an image of Water Street in Gastown, Vancouver, BC.  Again I am playing with the colour and actually trying to convey the feeling of of a grey, wet day in the City.  We just started to get the rains again.  Quite the stretch of fabulous weather  here on the coast.  This year was a record breaking 119 days with only 3 ml of rain.  So we needed the soaking that has come to us in the last week.  Very seldom do you see the grasses as brown as they were this year in the City.

I for one love a rainy night.

This is a rather iconic building in Vancouver.  It is in Gastown square.  I was leaning upagainst the statue of Gassy Jack while taking this.  I have played with the colourization for effect to try an make the image pop.  I wanted to give an old world feel, kind of a duotone that was once used in photography in its birth.




This is an interesting fountain in Gastown that has several bronze fishheads espousing water from many directions.  One thing I learned on the photowalk is to always bring the tripod.  Many of the shots were long exposures and no matter how still I tried to be and no matter that I held my breath to try and still myself, I had alot of shots that were lost due to poor focus.  So lesson learned.  MUST BRING TRIPOD!  This was just fun playing with shallow depth of perception.

And I thought I would finish with the flower that tops my blog post.  I was in Queeen’s Park here in New Westminster and they have a Rose Garden.  I saw this absolutely exquisite rose and took a few shots.  This is the entire flower and the next one is the up close that tops my blog.

Hope you have enjoyed this visual blog today.  Enjoy your day everyone.












2 thoughts on “Picture This…A Few Stories and Tasy Morsels

    • Thanks! If you get a chance to check out my selections I am trying to decide which one to enter for the competition. Don’t have chance in hell of winning, but hey, gotta have some fun, yes? And I can dream…$20,000 worth of photographic goodies! 🙂


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