Happy Pills

I have a few days off from work.  I took a bit of vacation time even though I am not going anywhere.  The idea is to get through this editing hell I currently find myself in.  I love writing, but I can say with all honesty I am not too crazy about the editing part.  I don’t think I would mind editing someone elses work, but man, trying to carve up your own work is proving to be much like pulling your own teeth.  I have about five copies of everything now.  Always I read the chapter through, then ask myself what I was trying to say in this chapter and did I achieve this?

Currently I think I have split into about, oh, fourteen personalities that are now fighting about the questions noted above.  Oye!

Earlier this morning I edited a chapter, thought I had saved it correctly then closed it.  I had renamed the chapter as I have the others, and well, it just disappeared.  I ran search scans but to no avail.  So with the new additions still fresh in my head, yes, I rewrote the chapter yet  again making certain that I was saving everything this time out.

I will be going for my run later today.  Do my laundry, all that good domestic stuff that needs to get done.

Sitting in front of a computer screen muttering obscenities in my pajamas at 2:00 PM not quite the sun vacation I had hoped for.   I am listening to Nora Jones sing about Happy Pills.  Yes, I could use some of those right about now.  Actually, I thnk they would be a best seller.

Just think of it!  Supposing you had the leaders from all the countries around the world get together and you gave them all Happy Pills.  Why what a joyous occasion that would be.  They would all be happy and sign peace agreements and particpate in a group hug.  Our troubles would be over.

Part of the agreement would be to destroy every missile and bomb tucked away in all the bunkers around the world.  No need for drones to spy on what some other country was doing either.  They could have regualr pajama parties and have pillow fights.

Ah yes, I have been in front of this computer screen far too long.  Pretty bad when my solution to our world’s problems is to get all the leaders stoned and give them pajamas and pillows to play with.

I just stretched and looked up at the light in my room and there is a dead bug inside the light fixture.  Poor bug.  I wonder why they fly up into the lights?  I have heard they think it’s a sun source.  But then they wouldn’t fly into the sun, now wouold they?

I should go have my shower now and see if I can get myself back to being somewhat human again.  Take a break from this nashing of teeth and bloodletting also known as editing.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Girl’s gotta rant every now and again.



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