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Gone but not forgotten

A favour to ask of you all.  On Saturday, October 13th, 2012 I participated in Scott Kelby’s 5th Annual Worldwide Photo-walk.  Several cities worldwide participated in this event.  Here in Vancouver, BC in Canada we had approximately 100 photography enthusiasts turn out.  We met at Waterfront Station and descended upon Gastown with our cameras at the ready shooting whatever peaked our interest.  It was actually quite the sight to see so many photographers in a relatively confined area.  I had several people approach and ask what was going on.  Many people joked that we were the paparazzi trying to illicit a photograph of them which would then have some of them posing in a rather flamboyant and delightful way before playfully running away.
The mood for this Photo-walk was light and upbeat.  I can say that I became a fan of this event and will definitely partake in it again.  And I just find the idea of doing photo-walks to be such a great idea.  Now I am a baby at this.  I am in my photographic infancy when it comes learning all the in’s and out’s of taking a good picture and having a good command of the camera.  I am still learning a ton about exposure and light and all that good stuff.  I have a second lens that I have added which is a Macro 70-300mm that I have only used once and am also learning what the different lens’ do.  On Saturday I just used my kit lens.  And I didn’t bring my tripod, though I should have.  My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3.  It is more or less an introductory camera to the world of SLR.  I took a 10 week course just over a year ago and was told that it doesn’t matter the quality of the camera when learning to take a good picture.  You can have a $10,000 camera but if you don’t know how to take a good picture, the quality of the camera won’t help you.

And let me tell you, there were cameras at this event with lens that likely would have been the equivalent of a down payment on a house here in Vancouver, and that my friends, is a lot of money.  I felt a bit like being in candy store.  At the end of the photo-walk we assembled to have coffee and chat so I got to eyeball some of the gear people had a bit more.

I likely will never invest that heavily into this.  For me this is a delightful hobby that I can just have some fun with.  I was asked a few times what my field of interest is in photography, but you know, truthfully I don’t really have one.  Just whatever catches the eye, I like obscurity, I like beauty, I like perspective.  I always end up having some kind of weird idea pop into my head when I do see something of interest.  So for me, its just play.

This is a competition.  The grand prize is about $20,000 worth of photographic goodies.  We can only upload one picture.  Now my chances of winning anything are non-existent, but I will submit a photo and that’s where you come in.  I have posted the link to my Vancouver Photo-walk 2012 site, and am asking that you have look through the photos and let me know which one you like.  I just want to get some feedback from the public before I make my final decision.

The images can be Photoshopped, however, I do not have that program available to me, so there are a few frames at the end of the set where I have played around with the colorization to try and give the image a bit of a pop.

Just paste the link into your browser.  I look forward to your feed back and thanks for your assistance.  Enjoy!


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