This Dream

Last night I had a fabulous run with my group.  We did cadence, which is where you increase your leg turnover, but not your speed.  The point of this exercise is to teach the body as it runs to conserve energy and also to avoid injury.  Having a quicker leg turnover will naturally make the steps shorter and more efficient.  I love it when we do this drill.  I really have to focus on my form as we count our steps and boy, I get wound up.   My energy builds and when we are finishing up and doing our couple of kilometers back to the store, I just get into the zone and surrender to it.

That is when it feels like meditation in motion.  The body moves easily now.  The hips roll in unison with the arms.  The breath is nice and steady.  And I feel so magnificent in these moments.  I am connected to everything and everything to me.  All that, just from running.  Who knew?

And I am working harder than ever at letting go of ego.  I know I have been conditioned to think in certain ways.  I am moving past this, changing this.

I was getting ready to go to bed last night when a news clip came on about the state of the world economy.  The International Monetary Fund had sent out a dire warning about a world recession.  This got me to thinking about our economy.  We need to change how we do business.  We need to find a way to do so that will be sustainable as well.  We also need to abandon how we view the economy.

It seems to me that this thing we have put on a pedestal and call the economy has become something of a demigod that dictates our fate.  I live in the western world, which has gotten quite the reputation for its rather gluttonous and wasteful ways.  It is a reputation well deserved.  We are gluttonous and we are wasteful.  I know I have been guilty of these things and am working to correct this.  There is an expectation that everything should just stay as it is and never change.

Yet costs increase, supply cannot keep up with demand.  I have heard that we produce enough food worldwide to feed everyone on this planet ten times over again, and yet we have so many that are starving and that are homeless.  These issues just seem to grow exponentially to the point where it is now truly catastrophic.  For the last 25 years or so I have seen the commercials on TV about sponsoring a child in a ‘developing’ country.  Why is this still going on?  Why don’t we look at the bigger picture?  We keep sending millions of dollars in food and supplies, to what end?  What is it that we are not seeing here?

We need to start to work together.  We really do.  I think we are doing everything a little backward.  It seems to me that we think that this planet is here to provide for us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead of trying to have this world conform to our needs and wants, perhaps we should learn how to live within this world with all it has to offer.

If we really listen to this beautiful planet of ours, I think we may come to understand the cycles that are naturally occurring and learn how to live with them.  These days it seems as if we are always trying to change things to suit our needs.  Perhaps, too, its time we started living in the human community again.  So many of us seem to be so isolated, cut off from each other.  How is it that I can live on a planet with close to 7 billion people, and yet feel so alone?

Is this just radical thinking on my part?  Am I just dreaming or is it possible to have a world where governments actually worked together on common problems.  Where they weren’t all pointing fingers at each other, where they actually looked at the human component first.  These days governments and their military build bombs and weapons that scare the shit right out of me.  Why?  In their mind’s eye will this make them powerful?

No.  They don’t understand power.  What they practice is suppression instilled by fear.

The other story that broke my heart was the young woman who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking out against such an oppressive regime.   I want no part of the god that the Taliban claims to champion.  No god that would demand that of its people.

I pray for her, I pray for all of us.  When will this madness end?

I hope that others have this dream as well.  That my human family can see the need to come together in a way that is not combative and work at educating ourselves on how to live together.  I believe it can be done.  I believe it must be done.

Love to all of you.




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