Writing on the Bathroom Wall

Strange head space these days. It is 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning.  Again, sleep is rather erratic at times.  So I am just exploring thought.  I did some editing on my book earlier, then printed off some chapters for my writing group meeting and headed down to a local pub to grab  a pint and review the work.  Upon finishing this task, I hit the washroom.

A sign in the bathroom stall read “Eradicate Invasive Plants…A good excuse to wear Plaid.”  The poster showed two attractive women and one man in a forest setting.  They were quite stylish in their appearance and yes, they were wearing plaid.

This struck me as being quite ridiculous.  Then I found myself wondering, while in midstream, what this ad was about.  Were they pushing plaid or eradicating invasive plants?  And what did one have to do with the other?

I have finished my business, yet I sit perplexed staring at the ad in the bathroom stall.

I begin to wonder what happened to good old-fashioned graffiti.  Seems at one point it was a form  of communication.  I can recall in my youth being something of a wall philosopher.  Poems and pondering were my thing.  And coming back to that stall of inspiration months later and seeing the responses to my writings would excite me.  These  were the days when computers were still in their infancy so this was mass communication in a very crude and localized setting.

And there was a devastation at finding your expressions painted over, your profundity discounted.

This night I find myself, oddly enough, contemplating the modern bathroom stall. Ads that have been contained in them  have advised me to use a condoms and not to drink if I am pregnant.  Okay, I can dig it.  The message of safe sex has been pounded into me and the issue of conceiving, nope, not going to happen for this girl anytime soon. That ship has long since sailed.

So I hit the bathroom one last time before heading home.  The poster that adorns this stall. bears a likeness of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reaching for a white rabbit int the middle of a street and the caption reads ‘Urban Living”  Once again I am a bit confounded.  Out of curiousity I check another stall to see what advertisment lies within.  The last one was a poster that read.  “Tell me what does freedom look like?’

At this point the neurons are firing just crazy stuff in my head.  These rituals of distraction while we perform a very basic and necessary function seem to have matured and evolved, but into what?  I find it interesting that we have this need to perhaps be entertained, albeit rather mildly, while attending to these needs.

And here I am contemplating the writing on bathroom walls for no particular reason other than it seems to have sparked this weird little thought pattern.  And yes, I did need to edit this as earlier this morning the grey matter was shutting down and demanding sleep and the words attempting to surface were non-sensical at best and had no rationale at all.

In any case, no breakthroughs regarding the fate of mankind occurred last night as a result of delving into what all this stuff in bathroom stalls actually means.  Perhaps the point.  It isn’t supposed to make sense.  Who knows?

I will go now and see if I can wake up.  Coffee is calling.



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