Gotta Shake This Damn Thing!

I like to dance.  There, I’ve said it.  Out loud.  I like to dance.  Problem is I am not particularly rhythmically inclined. I do try and will continue to do so.  My daughter used to tell me I danced like a Sea Monkey.  Now we all know that Sea Monkeys don’t really exist.  They were promised on the back of cereal boxes for several decades if you sent in hundreds of cereal box tops which likely took several decades to accumulate.

What you got was not the animated picture of the mama and papa Sea Monkeys with the little monkettes, but was,  in fact, brine Shrimp.  I am not too sure what they did exactly.  When I was little, my girlfriend did manage to get the Sea Monkeys and we watched and watched and waited and waited for this thing to do something.  I just remember being very disappointed for my friend.  After eating all that cereal and end up with Sea Monkeys that didn’t really do all that much.

That had to be worth a trip or two into psychoanalysis.

So when I was told that I danced like this mythical creature, I wasn’t too sure quite how to take it. Somehow I don’t think she was praising my abilities.  And in all fairness I have received that look of absolute horror on my daughters face when I have started to dance, or sing down the aisle of our local grocery store.  So I do understand payback. 🙂

In the dance classes I have taken, I’ve been told that I just do ‘my thing’.  So I am guessing once more that I am interpreting the dance to my odd manner of style.   Somehow it works,   I hope?

So what would be a good a stage name for me?

I do at times make an effort to play air guitar or air drum.  Wonder if they have lessons out there for imaginary instruments?

It is fun to take the mop handle and belt out a sizzling rendition of “I Will Survive” or croon with Marvin Gaye and there is nothing like a little Barry White.  Smooth, so smooth.

I am dating myself here, I know.

What would be a good stage name?  I had this happen a little while ago where my daughter, some of her friends and I got into this conversation about having certain body parts be superheros.  I had my boobs as the superheros.  They were Lethal Weapons 1 & 2 and could do all kinds of dastardly things with them.  My character name was Tits McGillacutty.  It was a very odd and wonderfully funny conversation.

So as a dancer let’s try something a little more exotic, shall we?  I have it!

Gauche Trepigner.

I like it and it fits as it translates to Left Feet…and I have two of them.
So I will dance off into the morning light and just shake whatever this thing is that jiggles behind me all day.  Ah, yes, I am the walking definition of Jello…Cherry Jello.  Or was it Strawberry Jello?  Hmmmm.  Quite the conundrum.  Till later.  Shake it.


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