Just For the Fit of It

I had a fabulous run last night with my running group.  We did circuit training last night and one of the reasons I love these particular sessions is that I become stronger as I move through each set.  By the end of it I was a bit like a pony chomping at the bit…just let me run, baby!

I had completed four strength and endurance drills and the pay off is to run it out.  I love my head space when I am running as well.  It is unlike anything else.  The body becomes so fluid and in line with the breath, the beating of the heart and the flow of the blood.  It is an intense feeling once the body has warmed, to feel the muscles as they expand and retract.  Again, I feel so blessed that I can do this.

You know it’s funny, for the longest time I felt imprisoned by my body.  It was a prison I created though.  Fortunately in my case, the body has been very resilient and has met the challenges that have been offered up.  I am not as spry as I was in my youth, but doing pretty damn good for a woman of 54 I must say!  Sometimes in our youth, we take for granted that all the things we can do physically will remain as such.  For many who maintain a healthy and active lifestyle this may well be the case.  I can say with all honesty that as a young woman I did not appreciate the physical self at all.  I was incredible hard on this body of mine, both physically and mentally. In fact, it would be best to say that I did not appreciate self, period.

Now I am getting to a point where a balance is being reached in terms of connecting to all levels of self.  And I love it.

We were running down at Kitsilano Beach last evening.  I was watching this fabulous sunset unfold before me. All the boats were perched on the water.  The ocean looked like drops of amber had kissed its surface as the sun sank into its depths.  I can now smell the crispness of autumn and again realized just how blessed I am.  I never want to get to a point either where I take any of this for granted.  I don’t believe I ever could but still I remind myself at times like this of the journey I have traveled in this life and why this means so very much.

I will hear people at the gym say they hate running.  I say nothing when I hear this and I just smile.  I guess its not for all of us.  For me running is freedom.  It opened so many doors for me and continues to inspire me to go after all the things I at one time thought were out of my reach.   I will endeavor to build on the foundation that it has laid down for me to become the best person I can be in all regards.  Physical, mental, spiritual and sexual.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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