A Heart for Sale

I am a woman with a heart for sale.

Used but still in good working order, very strong and well-connected.

Feels deeply, takes nothing for granted and cherishes all those who it holds dear.  It is an expansive heart, a gentle and tender thing that has known heartbreak.   It has been put back together many times and now resembles a mosaic of all those who have offered their love, kindness and friendship so graciously.  This heart reflects and values all of this.

The cost in not that high.  It shouldn’t be.  Just love me and what I will give you with the offering of this gift, well, not a day will go by that you won’t know that you are loved.  Not just by words will this be shown but by every glance, ever touch, every thought, every whisper.  Never will it be taken for granted, never will it just be assumed.  Always will it be nurtured and fed.  Always it will be encouraged to grow.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Why advertise, you ask?

I am not too sure how to get the message out otherwise.  I am somewhat perplexed by the man / woman thing.  Never really learned how to do that dating thing.  Never really learned how to use my feminine wiles.  Can’t say that I know all that much about flirting either.

For me flirting is when I take off my clothes and say ‘Want some?’  Yup.  Need to develop boundaries in a big way.  I am open and very honest.  I no longer feel shame for past behaviour and while current behaviour is sometimes a wee bit suspect, I am very forgiving to self.  I am, after all, only human.

I guess the thing is that I have such an enormous capacity to love.  It knows no bounds nor should it.  For far too long I have held that part of self locked up, afraid of being hurt yet again.  Now I realize that by putting it out there to the universe, the heart will only become stronger, the love more profound.

I am currently accepting offers.  No conditional clauses or low ball bids will be considered.  It will be an even trade, a heart for a heart.

Thanks for your perusing this ad and enjoy your day.



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