Farewell Summer 2012

This is the last day of summer in these parts.  I was running this morning through the trees and could smell the crispness that now hangs in the air.  There was a slight dampness as well that comes when the Summer gives way to Autumn.  Even some of the leaves have begun to fall, while many trees are now in transition turning from summer green to the rich reds, yellows and golds indicative of the season they are heralding in.

What a fabulous summer this has been!  I don’t think we could have asked for better weather here on the West Coast.  Today is overcast for the first time in a very long while.  I am sure the sun will pop out later for an encore.  Soon Vancouver will move into the rainy season.  Not a bad thing.  We have all this beautiful green space that is actually looking a wee bit brown these days for the lack of precipitation, so it will be welcomed.

I had quite the wild dream last night.  I was explaining to friends of mine how we are interchangeable with everything around us; that everything as well as us was made up of  energy and we were intricately connected to each and every molecule that exists in this world.  Some of them started to get really upset by this analogy and I couldn’t understand why.  And I felt as though I was being rejected by them but I wasn’t angry, I was just sad.

Dreams are a reflection of who we are in the waking world.  And yes, as of late I suppose I have felt that I am not always understood.  I don’t always understand myself either and that has certainly been the case lately with these old behaviour patterns that have come up recently. To me this dream has nothing to do with my friends, but in fact mirrors some of my beliefs and truths that may well have been tested over the last little while.  I know too, that beliefs and truths can change.  They are subject to so many different factors.  Of course there are absolute truths that we all share that are irrefutable.  An example of an absolute truth would be that we all need air to breathe.  This is never in question and it is accepted as such.

Truths and beliefs that can and do change is how we see ourselves in this life.  At one time in my life I simply existed.  For a long time I did not believe that my life would get any better than it currently was.  I was stuck, though I did not see it at that time.  As I broke out of that, my views began to shift along with my beliefs and my truths.  These are always debatable as I continue to grow and expand my knowledge base as a being on this planet.

For a time I probably looked at this world as somehow serving my needs, now I look how I can better care for this world that sustains me.  Just those little shifts in thinking.

Summer ends this day as we will slip seamlessly into the next cycle .  And so I say good-bye Summer 2012.  Thank you for your warmth and sweet temptations.  See you next year.
Enjoy everyone and thanks for stopping by.



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