Talking to Walls

Do you ever walk about your home, or the streets, or your workplace talking to yourself?  I do.  I call it thinking out loud.  A dangerous activity at times.  Particularly if I am deep in thought and really trying to puzzle something out.  There is that interruption that can occur at times when someone asks, “Excuse me, were you talking to me?”  I look at them likely with that blank stare of  ‘…and you are?’  In all honesty it can be a little embarrassing being caught out like that.  It is a good thing that thinking out loud doesn’t occur all the time.  Could get noisy.

Now our thought patterns can be quite random.  They just twitter about from one neuron to the other until they form a rather cohesive idea then its off to the races.  Sometimes the thought forming has merit other times it just evaporates and its back to the beginning.

I wonder how we come up with some of the analogies that we do?  For example, I read that cats apparently think that we are cats, just big ones.  Now how in the blazes would someone deduce that cats think like that?  There is the statement that has been made that men think about sex every six seconds.  Now how was that information collected?  Did they stick a bunch of men in a room and tell them to click a button every time they thought about sex?  How ever would anything get done in this world if men were thinking about sex all the time.  Because every six seconds is almost ongoing.  Perhaps though, that is why the world is in the state it is.  We have all these men running around thinking about sex and not doing it, which leads to frustration which leads to confrontation which leads to war.  Hmmmm.

I am not sure if I have ever heard of a study done of how often women think about sex.  I don’t know if I am normal but I think about sex probably4 to 5 times a day.  And it usually is random.  I  will see a good-looking male and have my little sexual fantasy about him.  I will go for a walk along the water and think how nice it would be to make love in the surf.  I will go to a coffee shop and use the washroom and think of the cute guy I saw earlier and wonder if it would be fun to make out in a bathroom stall.  So those are the kind of random little things that rattle about in my head to that regard.  I don’t walk around thinking ‘sex, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, sex, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 sex….’

You get the idea.

When I am trying to figure something out or if I have read something I will talk it through or read it back out loud.  For me it helps the thought process.  I try to keep my voice down to a dull roar though.  We must mind our manners now.

I recall when the phone ear pieces first came out I was standing downtown at a red light with another guy.  He starts yelling angrily.  Shocked the hell out of me.  I move away.  He is now using obscenities.  At first I thought, ‘Okay, he has Turret’s Syndrome and cannot help his behaviour.’  His speech was too correct for it to have been Turret’s, however,  then he walked over to the light standard and slapped his hand against it.  That was when I saw the ear piece.  So people should really consider their actions and their voice level while on those things out in public places.

I don’t think I will ever get an earpiece.  Hell, I still have a flip phone.  I still have a tube TV.  I have a computer that is about five years old.  So when it comes to technology I am a bit behind.  But that’s okay.  I only use what I need, not what I think I need.  A guy that I work with has his whole house set up through the computer.  The TV, the lights, the cameras, the action….no, seriously.  He told me one day how everything is rigged up through the computer.  When I told him I had a tube TV he became quite adamant that I purchase a LED TV.  It would seem I am missing out, though on what I am not too sure.

Experiencing TV on another level is way down on my list of must haves.  But I guess one of these days I will get there and perhaps then I will discover a bliss that is just so fine  and I will wonder how I ever managed without it.

So until that day arrives I will continue talking to walls and asking their sage advice on certain matters.  After all, we all know that if walls could talk….my,  but the things we may come to know.

On a side note this morning as I went to get my coffee it occurred to me that is smells like Autumn today.  That distinct scent and  I mentioned that to Richard at the coffee shop and he laughed and said, ‘Yup, everything is rotting.’  I scowled at him, though I don’t think I was very convincing.  Then I spilled my coffee and my muffin got soaked and I felt bad that I had made this mess, but the good folks at Delaney  fixed me up with another coffee and muffin and didn’t charge me.  I drifted back into the world with a smile on face and this thought in my head.

“Smells like Autumn.”

Enjoy your day.



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