Logically Illogical

Ah yes, logic.  Give me some please! Everyone says that mathematics is based on logic, that all those numbers make a point.  They support a fact and put this world in some type of order.  Bah, humbug I say!  Mathematics has a very artistic side to it.  Why I just looked over and saw a two looking for a threesome.  And number four has a canvas in front of it and is exploring the art form known as Cubism.  Number eight tells me that it symbolizes infinity and beyond and Buzz Lightyear is floating around over at Toys-R-Us in absolute conformance with this theory.

Infinite is an interesting concept.  That something has no beginning and no end. Something that is so expansive, well it blows me away considering such things.  There now is where mathematics would be of no benefit because you cannot measure infinity.  It has no direction, no up or down, no right or wrong.  It just is.

They apparently are still receiving faint signals from Voyager as it looks to enter interstellar space.   Thirty five years to travel to the end of our solar system.  That’s just wild.  I wonder if it will ever be possible to travel at high rates of speed, say like light speed or beyond that.  That is the beauty of science.  It is really very creative and walks hand in hand with the artistic world.  They co-exist so beautifully.  At no time do they cancel the other out.

I guess too, I wonder why everything needs to be proven to us.  If we can’t prove something then we discount and say it is not real.  We can’t see air, yet its there.

I am at this moment somewhat in awe of this world we live in.  At its complexity.  At our creativity.  And I wonder if there will ever come a time when we can all just get along and share this home in a way that is respectful and productive.  Will there be a time when we are not ruled by an economy dictated by stripping this planet of all her resources.  We have proven wind energy, we have proven electrical energy, we have proven so many things, yet we still turn a blind eye to what our impact on this planet is.

I hope this will change.  I hope that we can find a sustainable solution to our current dilemma.   We need the trees, we need the waters, we need the air and we need the earth.  We need all of these things to be healthy.  And we need mathematics and the arts to continue exploring ways to make these transitions occur.  The creative mind exploring a logical solution in an illogical world.

We humans can be very illogical.  We are creatures of habit.  Yet in the last 100 years this world had changed so dramatically and our place in it has impacted big time.
We are all one with this world so perhaps that is where the change of thinking needs to begin.

I think we can do this.  Despite the threat of nuclear arms being bandied about I really believe if we collectively came together, looked past the colour of our skin, looked past whatever god we worship and saw that we are simply human and embraced that fact and each other we would see that all the barriers we have put up really are irrelevant.  Barriers do just one thing, they keep us apart.

So let’s go tear down a few walls, shall we?

Have a great day.


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