Electronic Voices…Part Two

I finished off a post about a week or so ago, having discussed an early encounter with an automated person and my frustration.  I finished the entry explaining to you that the phone was ringing, to which a female voice gaily pronounced, “Hi my name is Susan with Google…”

What I didn’t really articulate is that this was an automated person calling me!  Yes.  They are calling us now.  Bad enough that it takes forever to try and find out information if you are calling and now some of these automated persons refer you to the company website and I must say that there are a lot of websites that are not user friendly out there.  So you go back on the phone trying to get the information (Sigh) yet again.  But I digress, this is about them calling us.

There is one call that I have been getting for a very long time and I really wish I knew how to get rid of it.  The phone rings, I pick it up.  I say “Hello” only to have a ship’s horn blasted in my ear with a man saying right after I have screamed in pain at this obnoxious noise, “Hello, this is your Captain speaking…” This is where I hang up the phone and yes, I was exaggerating about screaming in pain.
Still I have never listened to this message in its entirety so perhaps next time the good Captain calls I will have to listen all the way through to discover how I can stop this call from coming through.   Why I wonder, are they giving themselves names now?  Gotta love the ones that phone and tell me they have an important announcement for me.  Then they will say something really asinine like, “If this is Nancy press #1, if this is not Nancy please press #2.”  Now that is really securing information is it not?  Or…you press the #1 and now the automated person wants you to verify who you are.  And you have no idea why this automated person is calling you, other than they claim to have a very important announcement.

So I now hang up on them too.  If it so important, then have a real person call me.  Mind you,  I do find it annoying to have someone call me then want me to prove to them that I am Nancy.  Sometimes too, their tone is a bit high and mighty.

They are like, “Well, I’m not going to tell you why I called until you give me all your personal information.”

And I say, “Well, I don’t care if you’re not gonna tell my why you called. I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

And then they say, “I wanted to tell you something really good, but now I don’t think I want to play with you either.”

And then I pause and say, “Wait a minute…did you really want to tell me something really good?  You’re not just saying that?”

And they say, “Yes, I was going to tell you something really good.”

And I say “Okay, I’m sorry.  I will be your friend now.”

And they say, “Oh okay.  I will be your friend too.  So give me all your personal information.”

Of course it usually ends up that they want to sell me something.  More life insurance, more channels, more minutes….

In any case…now I think I have gotten all of this out of my system.


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