A Faerie Tale

I got to thinking last night as I watched a show on TV that I have never viewed before about these things we call Faerie Tales.  The show is called ‘Once Upon a Time‘.  The premise of it seems to be all these well-known childhood characters have been tossed into our world by the wicked queen from Snow White and all live unhappily ever after.  So then I started to think about these tales and how the majority of them are actually rather dark and macabre in context particularly in their original telling.

Still other tales have the good and virtuous maiden who struggles but because of her pure spirit and heart she finds everlasting love.  Bah!  Humbug I say!

Oddly enough this last mention is still largely believed to some degree by many women.

I was actually quite impressed with the take on this series and just how twisted and kick ass the women are in it.  The one I watched last night had Little Red Riding Hood (not so little anymore) in love with Peter the Huntsman.  But there was this damn wolf the kept getting in the way.  Snow and Red are buddies and do some investigating and come to the conclusion that the noble Peter turns into a wolf when the moon is full.  Ah yes, somehow the werewolf tale has made an entrance.  I was actually surprised that Snow and Red were buddies, but hey, why not?  In any case the two women come to the conclusion that Red needs to tell Peter about this which she does.  That night will be the full moon so Peter and Red decide he needs to be chained up so that when he turns into the wolf he will be confined and not kill anyone.   Red of course insists on staying with him.  Now that’s love for you.
Here is the twist that I thought quite clever.  It’s not Peter that turned into the wolf, but good ol’ Red.  Yup, our lovely little caped crusader turns into the wolf and devours poor Peter.  Had she been wearing her cloak, however, then she would not have turned into the dreaded wolf.  You see, Snow had taken the cloak and sneaked back to Red’s house to pretend to be her.  Granny had caught on and then Granny and Snow had gone out in search of Red, Granny bemoaning the fact that she should have told Red all of this.   The cloak it turns out, has some kind of magical properties.  So granny shoots the wolf then covers it with cloak and yes, Red springs back to life.  Granny tells her the truth now and Red looks in horror realizing that she has just devoured her true love.

Now that’s a bedtime story for you.  Poisoned apples, Snow trying desperately to save Charming from the wicked Queen.  And they all live in this town not really knowing who they really are.  Some woman by the name of Emma who is apparently the child of whom I cannot say is supposed to be the one who can break the curse and there is a boy, Henry who apparently has two mothers….Emma and the wicked queen (I think she is lawyer now…how fitting).  So not too clear on how that happened.

In any case it was so completely twisted that I found myself identifying more with these characters than the pure and righteous characters we have been introduced to.  Then I wondered if this was just a ploy to show a woman’s evil side.  America’s Next Top Model was on and if you’ve ever watched a moment of that show, then you know the cat fights those girls get into can get pretty ugly.  It’s like they are all trying out for the part of the wicked queen.

Gotta be more to you than just a pretty face…and perhaps that is one of the lesson’s here.  Truth about the tales though is that they are dark in nature in their original telling.  There purpose was in fact to be a lesson of sorts.  Then this guy Walt Disney came along and cleaned them up and made them into these cute little cartoons with these sappy little happy endings.

Can happily ever after exist?  I don’t really think so but happiness really is a state of mind.  To dance gleefully through life with someone you love and never have a moment of confrontation, never a misunderstanding, never shed a tear…well, that is just not realistic in my mind.

Funny too that we call them Faerie Tales when they usually don’t make an appearance.

So here it is Monday morning…time to go to work.  It may be interesting to write a modern tale of lore.  Hmmmm.


Enjoy your day.



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