A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightenment….

Ah, yes, the quest to answer the BIG question.  Who are we and why are we here?

And I think I just may have the answer…so bare with me.

This actually seems like quite a simple question, does it not?  And yet, our species continually seeks a higher power, a higher purpose, a higher meaning.  I have been tripping and falling along this quest my whole life.  I have gotten pretty bruised and battered along the way.  What I was wondering the other night is why do we make the same mistakes over and over and over again.  And once the reasoning or lack there of constitutes making said mistake again…what do we tell ourselves?

“I will never do that again.  I have learned my lesson.”   We are contrite, humiliated and feel foolish for having yet again enacted an oddly repetitious pattern of thought.

Sometimes we do learn our lesson though.

Perhaps that the problem with politics.

We have a few rat bastards who gets up on a podium and tell us how they are going remedy the employment issue, the education issue, the healthcare issue, the tax issues, etc.  Now its the one we collectively believe will actually go in and make a difference that we vote for.  Of course, nothing really happens, does it?  Not really.  We pay more tax, bitch about politicians and then five years later we go through the process again.

And each time employment, education, healthcare and tax issues have gotten into an even worse state as services that were previously offered are stripped away so the powers that be can ‘save money’.

So perhaps its just how we think, yes?  We seem to be predisposed to certain ways of thinking.  We want so much to believe in a higher power, a higher place that we will evolve to.  What if this is it?  This beautiful home we call Earth?  What if this is the higher place, the higher purpose and higher meaning are right here?

We are always looking for something better, are we not?  A better job, a better home, a better car.  Now we want to look better. We want bigger boobs, fuller lips, smaller waists, tighter skin.  And all of this is supposed to make us happier?  But it doesn’t.

Many of us go to church and ask for forgiveness.  We ask for redemption.  We ask for enlightenment. We want to be shown the path by which we will be accepted into a higher place. But for what?  Forgiveness starts with each of us as does redemption.  We begin with self and then extend this  and expand this to all of those around us.  And personally, I think it rather selfish to place the burden for all of these things on a higher being when we have it in us to begin with.

I think of the confessional….again the thing about mistakes….

“Forgive me Father, it has been one week since my last confession.  I have had impure thoughts, had sex and liked it, ate too much pizza and drank too much beer.”

“You are forgiven my child.  Say ten ‘Hail Mary’s’ and I will see you next week.”

The woman leaves the confessional, goes home and repeats all the things that made her feel bad, yet again.

So you get my meaning hopefully.

Let me ask you this.  What if this was ‘Heaven’?  What if this is that higher place?  That higher power?  What if all we ever really wanted is all there before us, now, right this very moment.

Would we see it?  Or would we want something more?  Something that we have somehow convinced ourselves is there and that we deserve?  But then, based on what criteria?  You see we have this ‘Sin’ thing.  But we will leaving sinning for another day.  This, my darlings, is about the path to enlightenment.
So to the question ‘Who am I?‘ I would answer.  My name is Nancy.  I am a woman.  I am a person full of curiosity, hope, wonderment, kindness and love.

To the question ‘Why are we here?’ I would answer to Love all that we are and all that surrounds us.  It is the ultimate energy force.  And if we could get to that state, all of us, I believe we would find that we were in a higher place, we would have found our higher purpose and we would be open to a higher meaning right here on this place we call home, Earth.

Enjoy your day everyone.  I will continue to try and get to this state of being as I am not there yet.  Care to join me?



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