The Difference Between Lance Armstrong & Tigger

Quite the morning.  Went for my run and for sure I will have to pull out the headlight next week.  Fortunately I know the trail through Queens Park.  There is something to be said for running in the dark.  I quite enjoy it actually.  I felt a bit like a wood sprite running through the trees this morning and the stars were just so beautiful!  I had a really wonderful run this morning.  Just grand!  I got ready for my work day and headed into Vancouver.

I really feel blessed to live in this place.  Stretched out before me are the majestic North Shore mountains and this sky that is right out of an Emily Carr painting.  Yes, I am very fortunate.

On the radio, the buzz was all about Lance Armstrong and the doping issues.  Odd to me that all these years later they are going to strip him of everything he ever did.  Just wipe it out, just like that.  Nothing he did matters any longer.  It now has no significance.  And the reason behind this is because he apparently achieved these goals in a way that is seen as ‘dishonest’.  He did things artificially to enhance his physicality.  This is such a controversial issue and a rather muddy one but in defense of all athletes, let me just say this.

These sporting events to some degree encourage this.  And the athlete is not alone in this.   Yes, they make the final decision, but turning out a star athlete is a group effort.  There are coaches, trainers and medical professionals involved.  A lot of money is spent to produce such an individual.

Look at what is awarded to the winner of these events?  They are catapulted to super stardom.  They are placed up there with the elite.   They become demigods.   And it’s not as if these athletes don’t train.  My god, do they train.  Their life is nothing but training. The determination and will to be the very best at something.  The hours, weeks, months and years that go into pushing oneself for that one moment when you can say, ‘I am the very best in the world at what I do at this time.’

What happened to sport?  It’s a business now.  A big one.  And we keep pushing our athletes to become faster, stronger, bigger, better.

An interesting fact…there is a runner who has prosthetic legs.  He has those prosthetic’ s that give him a bit of bounce.  He can actually run faster than an athlete with his own legs.  Yet, this man is looked at as having a disability.  Oh, we can make our athletes super human.  We have the technology.

Perhaps we have to ask ourselves just what we expect from sport and where we want to see it go because  a person cannot achieve the goals expected without the technology to assist them.

A guy called into the radio station and said that it is likely Lance got cancer because of the doping he did, hence the testicular cancer that he survived.  Armstrong developed a foundation that does fabulous work and he has become quite the advocate.  And I felt rather saddened by this.  If he did in fact end up with cancer has a result of doping, and we really don’t know that, as it is purely speculation…what a price to pay to be the best.

I am reminded of Silken Lauman who was disqualified for taking the wrong ‘cold’ medication.  She was busted for doping.  So I really began to question just what the rules are.  As I said, it has now just become so business orientated.

When I got to work I was reviewing my emails and checked Facebook and saw an image of Tigger.  This little character is one of my favourites.  He joyful bounces about quite playfully on his tail.  He is, for me, one of the most endearing characters and I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan.  This is my favourite cartoon of all time.  There is something about seeing this playful character that just warms my soul.  His pure bliss at bouncing about on his tail all day.

I sat back at this revelation and thought how curious it is that we are moved by such things, just the simple joy that washed over me when I saw his visage.

Then I put Tigger and Lance side by side.  Now in all fairness, I don’t follow cycling, nor do I follow the Tour d’ France but I thought it might be interesting to do a comparison of the two.

So here goes!

Lance cycles….Tigger bounces.

Lance won the Yellow Jersey seven times…Tigger wheres a yellow and black coat all the time.

Lance won our admiration…Tigger won our hearts

Lance broke our hearts….Tigger is endearing

Lance is likely very sad right now…Tigger is always happy.

Regrets?  I am sure Lance has a few but I wish him well.  Doping or no…he still accomplished a hell of lot.  And at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves if all that we have done in our lives is worth it.
Have a fabulous day.  I am wishing I had a tail right about now because I would love to bounce.




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