Elevators…the Ups & Downs

The rains have come back to Vancouver.  We needed a good soaking though.  Nothing like a summer shower now is there?  All the greenery was looking a tad wilted, so this will spruce them up again.  I hit the gym and had a decent workout…slipped and fell in the middle of the road on my way out but shook it off.  Funny, as I was laying in the middle of the road the phrase, ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ slipped into my head and just a quickly slipped back out.  I pounced to my feet and shook off the sting then went and got my morning coffee.  The wonderful staff at Delaney’s offer me a job today.  They would be so much fun to work with…in fact, they were fighting , albeit playfully, about who would be more fun to work with.  So I dispensed with the body surfing and declined the job offer, but told them to keep it open for me.  You never know!

Got to work and well…we have been having issues with this building for quite some time now.  Air conditioning issues, garbage and recycling issues and then of course the good ol’ elevator.  We have two elevators. Over the past two weeks only one has been functioning kinda sorta…but more often than not…not really.

So this morning I came in, pressed the call button and nothing.  I went to the stairwell and walked up to the first floor.   This week it has been working from the lobby area and up and not going down to the car park.  No, the elevator wasn’t budging and the second one is out of commission completely.  We have two stairwells in this building, again I don’t know why. The stairwell that extends from the car park and all the way up cannot be accessed from the lobby.  The door is locked.  So I enter the second stairwell that is accessible and unlocked from the lobby but guess what?  You climb all the stairs to your floor and that door is locked!

Now,  had I walked all the way up from the car park to my floor, that door to my floor would have been open!

Go figure!  I don’t even understand why the doors are locked in the first place.  Several of us stood in the lobby gazing at the elevator that was stuck with such discontent trying to will the damn thing to move.  We would turn away then our gaze would snap back to the suspended elevator stuck up on the second floor.

I phoned building management…god, I feel for that guy.  He’s young and by the end of this week he will likely have grey hair.  At least leave the stairwells unlocked so we can walk up.  I feel like a skipping record.  I have called him almost everyday for the past two weeks.

“Hi Mike, this is Nancy from Bingham Hill.”

“Hi Nancy, how are you?”

“I’m well, and yourself?”

“Very well, thank you.”

I am about to change that.

“Have you heard about the elevator?  The recycling? The air conditioning?”

“No, Nancy.  What’s going on?”

And of course then I have to tell the poor dear that we either stranded somewhere in the building and cannot access certain parts or that we are all suffering from heat stroke…and uh…oh, yes…we are trying to empty out some storage units.  We have been trying to do this for a few weeks now.  I really don’t have the heart to tell him the door on the women’s washroom is falling off and the middle stall isn’t flushing properly.  That just seems cruel right now.

And perhaps he has been made aware to these facts.  Women are typically quite vocal on such things, but I figure tackle the big issues first then the washroom issues will be a cake walk for him.  He will likely be delighted that I am calling him about such an easily remedied problem.

So I will save that for another rainy day.  I have already given him enough for one rainy day in Vancouver.

Have a great day!



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