Pink Nails…The Curious Art of Trying to Look Good

Last night after having a great run down at Kits Beach here in Vancouver, I headed home and decided to pamper my digits a wee bit.   I neglect my fingers and toes far too much.  I was gazing at them and thought, “Ewwwwwwwwww!”

And when I get to thinking like that, it’s time for some attention.  I should be better at this too.  I really should.  The hands aren’t too bad but I really must make it a point to be kinder to these feet of mine.  They were looking pretty gnarly.  So I buffed and polished the darlings.  Should have had my glasses on because in the light of day I believe I got more hot pink nail polish on my skin than I did my nails.

Time to enlist a professional to get them back into good form and then try to get serious about the maintenance thing.  And I will cycle through.  I will have them done by a professional and for a time I will be diligent with their upkeep…and then it will trail off.  So I am going to attempt to put aside so much time per week for the specific purpose of attending to my feet.  They do a hell of a lot for me.

I got to thinking though as I prepared for my work day and laughed at my attempt to make my fingers and toes look respectable (they look like they were out late last night club hopping…slightly disheveled), how we have our routines to make ourselves look good.  When I was younger I definitely wore more make-up than I do now…and my skin was much nicer in my youth.  The thing with aging skin though is that if you wear too much make-up, it shows and it is very unforgiving.  The things I focus on more now are moisturizers and treatments that will help the skin remain tighter.  The make-up that I use now is very light.  I just want to smooth out the complexion, so I have been using a mousse foundation which I must say is really nice.

It goes on very lightly and blends well.  Sometimes I will use a light bronzer though I do prefer cream based ones (I like Nars) as they blend better than the powdered ones, at least on my skin. I finish off with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and a light blush.  I very rarely wear eye shadow anymore.

Aging has been interesting. I have had my vanity moments, I am not going to lie.  The morning I got up and realized that I was developing the dreaded ‘chicken neck ‘ a.k.a. jowling…well, the fear in my eyes that day was paramount to seeing a ghastly ghost and then researching ‘neck’ cremes like there was no tomorrow.  At the end of the day, we are all going to age.  Our skin will lose its elasticity.  Some of us will age better than others.  I think if you lead a relatively healthy life style then you should age well.

For me the most important aspect is movement…staying fit….getting off me arse and getting out there.  And, you likely do know this, but I found this quite funny…they have moisturizer for your ass!  Oh yes, they do!

I think they have moisturizers for every part of the body now and it can get expensive.  I simply use certain oils as they moisturize on a deeper level.

There have been times in my life when the art of looking good was just too much of a chore at times, when getting out of bed seemed to be a monumental achievement.  Those where the times, if I had a mirror, I simple covered it so I would not have to look at myself because I knew deep down, I wasn’t caring for myself as  I should.  But those are times when breathing was an effort.

I am past those times now.  What I realized too, is that the body is incredibly resilient.  Be kind to it and it will likely be kind back…pink nails and all.

So I told my feet last night that I would be kinder to them and they smiled at me with their now pink appendages twinkling at me and I wiggled them so they might offer agreement to my proposal.  The feet, I have found are far more appreciative than the hair.  But then I have said that I won’t complain about the hair thing….it’s not the hair’s fault.  It just so happens that when it comes to styling said locks, I am proverbially all thumbs.

Being woman is quite fun.  I enjoy it very much, thank you.

So the campaign today is “Be Kind to Your Toes”.

Have great day!


2 thoughts on “Pink Nails…The Curious Art of Trying to Look Good

  1. I do the same thing. I was embarrassed the last time I went for a mani/pedi because I knew my nails were in terrible shape. I created the situation. I kept putting it off because of how mangy I looked! Here’s to balance between beauty and vanity. 🙂


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