Random Patterns

I had a great workout this morning.  Though it was a little shorter.  I needed to get gas.  I should not have left it so long  but I did.  I got up to the gas station and the pump had a note on it saying you had to go into the station to arrange the transaction as it was not working at the pump itself.  We tried twice on my debit card, but no go.  So back into the car I go and figure I will have to hit the next station which is in Vancouver.

As I was driving it occurred to me that I could have just taken some cash out of  the ATM machine, but alas, at 5:15 AM sometime logic is noticeably absent.

So I stopped at the second station and thankfully it worked.  Lost a wee bit of time but got in there and turned into the Tasmanian Devil and just ripped through my workout.  It is yet another glorious day here in Vancouver.  Ever body just say ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’

I went over and got my coffee from Delaney’s and said my ‘hello’s’ to Miles who has been the only dog I seem to see there these days.  Vicki and Richard were there as well.  It’s nice when you go to a place all the time and get to know the regulars.  We always end up having these really odd and  obscure conversations.  This morning was no different.  Both Vicki and Richard (they are not a couple , by the way) are retired.  Coming down to the coffee shop  early in the morning is a daily ritual.  They spend much longer than the 10 minutes during the work week  that I am there.  Most of the people in there in morning are regulars.

This morning they brought to my attention that at the bus stop across  the street, the people always lined up but stood 3-5 feet apart.  Always.  And it didn’t matter what time of day…they always did this at that bus stop.  They told me they never saw this at other bus stops.   I look over at the people there ans sure enough, they are standing 3-5 apart right down the line. We had a debate about people’s comfort zones, but as they pointed out, this seemed to only occur at this bus stop.  The question was then why?

Now, I am standing there with my coffee, scratching Mile’s head and pondering why people would line up at bus stop like that.  In the grand scheme of  things, it really doesn’t matter, does it?  Yet, I found it oddly intriguing.  I turned to look back at the two of them then I scowled and said, “Now I am going to be looking at every bus stop all the time to see if there is a pattern that exists in terms of lining up.  You do know that don’t you?”  Richard gave me a rather sly smile and Vicki just laughed.

I have had enough strange and obscure conversations with them where I have come back the next day with whatever information was need to prove or disprove a point.  They have figured out that I have something of a curious mind.  I sighed and left and said over my shoulder “I will see you tomorrow with a full report on the bus stops in Vancouver and the various line patterns that occur.”

They are looking forward to it.    No, I am not going to drive around Vancouver during rush hour to see what type of patterns emerge at bus stops.  That would be just a little compulsive , even for me.

We like our trivia though, don’t we?  We like that random bit of information that makes us pause and say ‘Hmmmmmmmmm.”

And I am here this morning without my glasses on.  I was at a meeting last night with my writing group and I left the dang things in my book bag.

Should be interesting.  Pandora, a woman who works at my gym, suggested I call in sick. This made me howl.  I envisioned myself phoning work and telling them that I forgot my glasses at home so I cannot find my way to work.

I am not some Mr. Magoo without my glasses.  I need them particularly for reading and writing…but I will muddle through.  I might look like an old sea dog by day’s end though.  Just call me Pirate Squnty McGee, thank you.

I do that thing too, where I squint, put my chin up and look down my nose.

Time will tell how productive this day will be.  Have a great day everyone.


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