When One Thought Ends…Another Begins

Streams of consciousness, neurons connecting, rudimentary thoughts begin to form.  They can be very vague in formation or they can be very vibrant and intense.  And then, just like that, the thought can disappear.

I have had that happen so many times on the edge of sleep where a thought rises, beautiful and enticing and I slip from the edge back into the waking world only to have the thought slip back into the recesses of my mind.   I lay in the dark mentally reaching and searching for it.  It is fascinating to me how the grey matter operates.  So many times we have heard it compared to a computer, but I beg to differ on that analogy.

What is it that inspires us?  What is that challenges us?  What is it that makes us feel?  What is it that makes us create?  What is it that makes us explore?  What is it that makes us question?

We are quite an amazing species.  On one hand our capabilities seem endless, yet on the other we are at time our own worst enemy.  Tell us how to live a good and healthy life and we will defy common sense and do the opposite.  But our thoughts coalesce and mingle and are subject to a variety of stimuli.  And the thought will emerge then shift and alter quite possibly into another beast all together.

And we have such an array of thoughts.  We have beautiful thoughts, we have enlightened thoughts, we have dark thoughts, we have peaceful thoughts, we have hurtful thoughts and the list could go on.

Thoughts don’t necessarily have to be acted upon as well.  In fact it is likely better that many of them are not acted upon.  But there are those thoughts that move from this state into an idea and from there into an action of sorts.

I woke this morning with such a sweet thought in my head that faded as the clock sounded its insistence that I get up.  I reached into the realm of sleep to try and keep this lovely mindset in place but it simply drifted off.

‘Where was I just a few moments ago?’ I wondered.

I rose from my bed and threw my gym clothes on.  As I drove in to the City,  I noted how dark it is now getting at 5:15 AM.  I will probably have to start running with a light in few more weeks.  I thought of the day ahead.  What I needed to get done and what I wanted to get done.

Then I thought about who I was and who I wanted to become.  I wondered once again why at times it is so difficult to move past certain obstacles.  I wondered why certain things continued to creep up from my past and I wondered if it would always be so.

‘Just let yourself be happy and let yourself be loved was the response I received.  You want it and it’s there for you.  Take it.

I liked that thought.  This would be one I would want to convert to an action.

So I will try my best to do just that.  No doubt we have thousands of thoughts each day.  Every response to everything around us at any given moment spawns a neurological reaction which will undoubtedly trigger a thought or two.

I like the phrase ‘Don’t think about it’ because ultimately you already have.

So I send out warm thoughts to all of you.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.




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