The Thing About Thunder

I had an absolutely fabulous run last night after work.  My run clinic is on hiatus for the month of August as many people take vacations and such, so it gives the run leaders  a well deserved break.  Other than that, the clinic operates fully the other eleven months out of the year, rain, snow or sleet.  The challenge of course is to keep up a schedule of running even when the clinic is on a break.  I have mapped out my Tuesday run and last night I went down to Kits Beach and ran three big loops.  Distance wise, I probably clocked about 6 or 7K.

We’ve had some absolutely stellar weather as of late with the humidity has hovered somewhere in the 75% range (though at times it feels more than that).  What comes quite often after a nice stretch of weather are the thunder storms.  As I was finishing my last loop of Kits Beach the skies just opened up and it poured down with rain.

God, did it ever feel good!  I was running along smiling and just enjoying the feeling of the rain as it cooled my body.  Everyone who had been on the beach playing volleyball, picnicking or just hanging out ran for cover into the surrounding trees.  The sky had the big black rather threatening clouds in it. We were in for a summer storm.  By the time I finished my run the rain had stopped, albeit temporarily.  That is the beauty of a summer storm.  These cells move through fast and furious one after the other.

As I was driving home the first forks of lightning flashed across the sky, at times a bit blinding.   Then the skies would open up yet again.  It continued on that way the rest of the evening.  I was laying in bed with eyes closed but kept seeing the flashes illuminate my room through closed lids.  Then the crash of thunder that follows.  I was wondering if I would be able to get some sleep as I was quite tired.  I would just start to drift off then crash…yet another roll of thunder would pull me back into the waking world.

Eventually I got to sleep. And boy did I have some strange dreams.  Not too sure how much longer the storm continued on, but sometimes just having a sound permeate the room that you are not familiar with can cause some unexpected activity in the dream state.

Storms are always very cool though.  They show their power and force.  You don’t want to mess with them.

Quite the light show as well.  And as I drifted off to sleep last night my last thought was “It was a dark and stormy night….”

Have a great day everyone.


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