The Heat is On

The dog days of summer in Vancouver have really kicked in the past few days.  We have been hovering around the 30 degree mark.  This is certainly hot enough for these parts.  At midnight it feels tolerable to go out for a stroll as the air has the feel of a sheet that has been just taken out of the dryer.  It’s comfortable.

I was driving into Vancouver yesterday and came to a red light.  Beside me was motorcyclist in full leathers on his Ducati.  I started to perspire just thinking how uncomfortable it would be dressed in that attire in this heat.  I imagined myself being nothing but absolute liquid inside the leather pants and jacket and the full helmet.  The light changed and we resumed our trek into the City.

Last week there had been several hundred naked cyclists riding their bicycles down Robson Street.  The thought of being naked on a bicycle had seemed to have a certain amount of discomfort to it  to me while I was watching them.  The idea of that little leather seat being against such tender flesh….nope not for this girl.   So now it struck me.  What would it be like to ride a motorcycle naked?

I imagined myself stretched out on a Harley Low Boy with a sheepskin seat cover to better accommodate my naked buttocks.  And I would be cruising down the highway with the air just whipping around me.

Then I got another visual…this one a bit more horrifying.  I saw my boobs flying about in all directions (they’re not perky little girls anymore) and disappearing under my armpits and then coming up to smack me under the chin.  Ouch!  And I saw the skin on the rest of my body, which is not quite as tight as it used be, now rippling like a wave in the air that was beating down on it.  Aye!

And then I could feel all the flying insects that would be hitting me. Ew!  I would be covered with bug splatter.  So no, I don’t think riding a motorcycle naked quite has the appeal that that I originally anticipated either.

It’s going to be a hot one today as well.  It is 9:00 AM and already 22 degrees.  Now that may not seem hot to you, but for a menopausal woman who is already subject to hot flashes…well, the hot flashes now feel like someone just jacked up the heat by about 1,000 degrees.

And if my hair looks kind of Frankensteinish normally, well now I look diabolical.  I won’t get going on the hair thing.  I am, in all honesty, quite pathetic when it comes to styling my own hair.  I am shown how to do it…and I try, I really do, but I never look like the result from the salon.  Sigh!

It’s okay.  I am going to go make my breakfast now and finish my house work.  Perhaps do a meditation, then do some writing.  The one thing that would be absolutely spectacular would be to ride a horse bareback through the surf with not a stitch on.  Now that would be fabulous.

So I will go and ruminte first on how to find a horse……

Enjoy your day everyone!


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