A few years back I was watching a documentary about the ‘new generation’.  It, of course, pointed out that they were likely to have ‘less’ than the current generation and it talked about job options and how that market was changing due to technology and a whole host of other statistical information.  It was interesting on a certain level, though not ground breaking.  What intrigued me was a poll they had conducted down in the U.S. that had asked young teens what they wanted to be when they grew up.  This would be a good indicator of future job fairs, would it not?

Oddly the overwhelming answer was that they wanted to be famous.

Curious.  I did not realize that was a profession, but now that I look at what’s on TV these days…and I don’t look too much anymore…I began to see the correlation with that statement.  We have girls who are sixteen and pregnant that are now ‘famous’.  We have people who live in the same house with each other that are now ‘famous’.  We have people who cook and swear a lot that are now ‘famous’. There is no discernible skill being exhibited by them, they just got lucky.  And there are far too many shows on TV that are like that now, so I began to understand the response.  It did not really seem to matter how fame was achieved either.
Why I wondered, do people want to be famous?  Then I asked myself the question.  Would you like to be famous?  Would it afford you a better lifestyle?  Would it open doors that you never knew existed?  This was my answer.

If fame were to come to me, I would want it to be the result of something I have worked very hard at accomplishing.  It would not be ego sensibility but rather the creation produced that would be famous.  Like Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’, it is through his genius as a painter and his unique style that fame has come to him though sadly it was posthumously and his work was not celebrated during his lifetime.

Then I wondered if he would have been as driven in his work had fame come to the man…not just the art he produced.

Hard to say.  For myself I want the product to be the star.  Not me.  Even though I created the product, timing and luck certainly come to mind with many projects and of course there is marketability as well.

Should the product I produced do well, the lifestyle I think is subjective.  I currently have every material thing I need in this life.  If I had more money I could just pay off the bills I am currently administering to and I could help a lot more people and certain causes that are close to my heart.  I could certainly have some fun funding some stuff that I have discussed with friends.  Would I want a lifestyle that was exorbitant? No.

I am not someone who aspires to having a house on every continent.  I wouldn’t want ten cars in the drive way or a boat in every Port.  I wouldn’t need a 5,000 sq. ft. condo or house either.  Two bedrooms with a den would be the ideal and I wouldn’t want to exceed 1,500 sq. ft.  My current home is a two bedroom at 981 sq. ft. so I wouldn’t be making too dramatic a jump.

As for doors being opened, perhaps it would open some.  I would want to keep things in perspective though.  Careful which doors you walk through because what I have learned in this lifetime is that everything has a cost to some degree.  If someone wants to give you something, they usually want something in return.  Even if it is to put your ‘name’ on something be careful with what you endorse.  At the end of the day all you have is you and I have fought a lifetime to realize the value in just being me.

So, no, fame is nothing I envision for myself at this time.  What I do envision is that I will continue in my efforts to live a good and healthy lifestyle with a bit of fun tossed in for good measure and that I will continue to give back to this world that has given so much to me.  I will continue to make an effort to be a better person as each days closes and I will appreciate and share this with all living things as well.  I will continue to grow and hopefully expand my knowledge base.

Perhaps when I have left this earthly realm it will be the words that I have written that will echo the life that I have lived and perhaps they will know fame.  Perhaps they will be read by another and give understanding, comfort and solace in a time of despair.  And if this does come to pass, I would be humbled and grateful that I could serve in this way.  That would be the icing on the cake for this girl.  If the words written actually do help and make a difference.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.


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