Let the Games Begin!

I, along with several other beautiful women, am embarking on a 21 day Shake Your Soul Song Pleasure Program developed by Devi.  If you are not familiar with her…look back to an earlier post titled Two Right Arms and Two Left Feet (or something similar to that) for the introduction.  She is by all accounts a beautiful, provocative and sexy little gal who can move better than most snakes.   For approximately 20 weeks last year and early this year I embarked on an erotic dance program that she had designed for women.  It was incredibly fun.  It is designed to help women get in touch with the sacred feminine…the erotic feminine….the spiritual feminine.

Now several of us have signed up to do a program from our homes to build on the class experience.  We are to commit at least 1/2 hour a day to doing the 5 core pelvic movements, breath work and of course dance.  We are to schedule date nights with ourselves.

Now personally I thinking I will have to get myself good and drunk and then take blatant advantage of myself in order for this aspect of it to be successful.  I have a tendency to play hard to get with self you see.  Also, part of this experience is to keep a journal and share on a Facebook page that has been set up specifically for this exercise with the other women partaking in this venture.

I do like dancing and when I am alone I know I am far less inhibited.  But I want to approach this as a science experiment of sorts.  Let’s see what will happen internally, externally and eternally once the 21 days is up.  What kind of transformation will I have achieved?

I like the idea of it being put out to us as almost a sisterly challenge.  We’ve been given our instructions so let the games begin!  We need to celebrate our feminine mystique.  We need to honour it.  Women through the ages have been made to feel badly about their womanly attributes.  We feel that we need to mask or hide certain behaviours even though it is innately female to have these sensations.  We need to relish in our femininity.
We are amazing creatures…all of us.  The abilities that we have been blessed with, the compassion and nurturing spirit, the divine beauty and mystery that we each possess.  One thing I am finding as I connect with women is that it truly is a sisterhood that we share.

So this should be fun.  I will get my dance on tonight and see if I can’t loosen the caboose.  Let’s just see if  I can be a convincing provocateur to myself at least, if no other.  I mean if I can convince self that I’ve got it going out….lookout men!

I will provide updates over the course of this three-week program as well.  I guess my biggest fear right now is what if I stand myself up?  Man, that will be tough one.  Cheers everyone.  Find your soul song and shake it!



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