Time Passages….

Vibrant colours of pink, red, blue, orange,white and purple all set in a lush green backdrop in a thousand different shades.  The air is perfumed with various fragrances that intermingle beautifully with one another.  The sky has a laziness about it.  A sleepy haze is tossed over a blue sky filled with little wisps of cloud here and there.  I am sitting in traffic on this beautiful summer morning letting the mind drift off while I wait to merge along with 100’s of other vehicles.  The minutes slip by and I start to think about this incessant need to mark time.  Keep track of it.

I wonder when it started. Was it something we were inherently born with?  This need and desire to mark time and our place in it.  I can see with the seasons and the cycle of things.  This would have been important in terms of knowing when certain animals and plants were available in terms of the hunt and gathering aspect of it.  Also, knowing when to be warm if you were in the northern climates. But I guess that would have been a no brainer.

So I just sat in traffic pondering how this began. Moving through these time passages.  Writing our version of history as we go.

I cannot comprehend millions of years at times.  They say that it is just a blip in the grand scheme of things, a blink of a cosmic eye.

With gradual precision we move uniformly into one lane.  I like this aspect of driving in Vancouver.  We are polite and understand that by following a certain set of road etiquette we will ultimately get to our destinations that much quicker.  Memories of the traffic in New York surfaced and I smiled.  The taxis’ drive with a certain poetry, yet it will scare the hell out of you the first time you experience it.  At least it did for me.

We  move and shuffle, we push we pull, we compromise and manipulate our space all the time.  Sometimes when I get to my destination I don’t feel like I should be there.  The heart and mind are off in some other space in time.  Be it wanting to roll about in the surf on this beautiful summer’s day.  Ah, yes.  How I would love to do that right now.  Just to feel the waves wash over me, the sun kissing my forehead and cheeks, the taste of the salt in the air and the sounds of a City waking around me.

And I wonder how many others are contemplating such a splendid little rendezvous.  What if we all just got up collectively and headed down there right now?

Now I am smiling at the visual of ever person in Vancouver rolling about in the waves in their skirts, dresses, suites and various other apparel just delighting in the simple pleasure of just being.

But I am in my office, at my desk, preparing for the work day.  I don’t want to be here…but hey, the beach will beckon one day and I will go.  I will throw all practicality aside and just do it…and hopefully, the next time it calls it will be on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Yes, we mark our days for when we work and when we play.

Perhaps in a million years from now…I will be those grains of sand upon the beach beckoning to the beings that inhabit this world to come roll about and play.

Time passages…I look back and I look forward, but all I can really see is the moment that I am currently in.  And you know what?  I kind of like it.  This curious anticipation about life and all her mysteries.

So go out and enjoy your day wherever you may be.

Thank you for stopping by.


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