Graceful Exit….

To bow out gracefully when it will not even be noticed…except by me.  Interesting concept.

I wave to a room full of people who don’t even know I am there…I make my heartfelt goodbyes and leave.

I will do that to satisfy my own desire to say good-bye cordially then leave his life just as unnoticed as when I entered it.

I don’t know.  Being invisible has its benefits I suppose though I am not too sure what they are at this point.

I have held onto my emotions pretty damn good. Time to move on.  Time to venture out into this world and find that person who does want me.  Who does desire me.  Who will love me.

This has been a tough year.  I have come to terms with a lot of issues and have grown so much stronger…yet still my fear and I don’t want to even acknowledge it but it nibbles at me…I have this abundance of love in my heart…what if I don’t find a taker?

I am still a bit tender from the weekend workshop.  That was an emotionally charged event.  I came out of it just wanting to lay my soul out bare.

I am feeling quite vulnerable and fragile.

I hope this passes soon.

So I will put this out to the universe, yet again.  To the one who is seeking me as well.  I am here and I love you.


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