At the Finish Line…

I got up and did my 10K today.  Not the best race I have ever had.  I was feeling a little congested and I did not train properly this past week due to my shoulder giving me grief.  I really could have gone to the gym and just done lower body and cardio training.  I learn something from each race that I do, however, and I picked up a thing or two today as well.  My time was not terrible but certainly not my best.  I did the 10K in 1:08.  I had wanted to come in under an hour.

Another time though.

I usually start quite strong.  Today it was as if my legs stayed in bed and were still sleeping.  They didn’t like what I planned for them at all.  They felt weak and my energy level was not there.  So began the compromise.  I took it slow the first half of the race and as I entered the second portion the energy level began to increase, the body was infused with strength and I got my stride back.  During the course of this run I recognized that I had taken too much time off.  I have not worked out since Wednesday morning…so the body had gotten a little to lackadaisical and really didn’t want to be doing this.

That’s okay too.  It is about the journey.  I found my pace and just enjoyed the ocean air and the cool breeze off of the water.  I have learned quite a few things about self since I began running again and this was no different. For me  personally, it is very much about challenging myself.  It is about appreciating the motion, it is about being the motion.

Running brings me through several emotional portals.  Sometimes the runs are fabulous…light, airy with a ton of energy.  Today’s run was work.  It was compromise, it was determination, it was an effort.  And so I feel very satisfied that I completed the run. I am once again humbled that I am able to do this still.

The last run that I will doing this year is the Coho and that is a 14K in September.

I will be ready.  Like life in general, not everything goes smoothly.  It is how you deal with those moments that are a little bit more difficult that will define your being that much more.

I am going to have my breakfast  then enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by.


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