Hello….is anybody out there?

Another Friday has arrived.  This one with big black clouds and rain.  Quite ominous actually.  Strange to see it looking so dark at this time in the morning.  My arm is still giving me grief so I will likely look like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame on my run tomorrow.  I will just have this arm dangling at my side doing nothing in particular.  Could get dangerous if a strong wind comes up and the thing starts blowing about and smacking other runners.

Of course I will protest my innocence and tell everyone that my arm just has a mind of its own or something to that effect.  Ah yes, the strange imaginings that occur in my grey matter.  Last night as I was slipping off into Nirvana the distressed wail of my daughter pulled me back into the waking world.  I jumped from my bed and went out into the hall to find her sitting on the bathroom counter.  She had seen a large dark mass in the living room…likely a spider.  She doesn’t like spiders.

She bemoaned the fact that our current cat, Leo is pretty useless when it comes to ‘hunting’ said beasts.  Leo doesn’t have much of an attention span but he is a funny little guy and he meows like a girly man.  He looks like Yoda and is one of the most friendly and vocal cats I have every had the pleasure of getting to know.  But hunter?  Not so much.

So I pulled out the flashlight and pulled out the sofa…”Whoa!  Do I ever have to clean back here!”

That was my first impression…so that went on the list of other things to do this weekend.  As I was laying on the living room floor with a useless arm and flashlight in the other,  I wondered what I would do if a giant black spider jumped out and attacked me.  I would likely scream…my daughter would yell from the bathroom, “Are you okay?”

Would she save me I wondered, as I battled this imaginary spider to the death?  I smiled at this scenario.  The idea of me wrestling a giant-sized spider on my living room floor at midnight…you can’t help but smile, can you?  And of course me with the disadvantage of not having an arm the works properly and the bastard of a spider having eight of the damn things!  How fair is that now?

Then I thought what if it is not a spider.  What if it was a rat!  I hate rats!  Then I would literally go into panic mode.

Suffice to say…nothing jumped out at me from the dark and somewhat dusty recesses beneath my sofa.

So I told her to just go to bed and convinced her that nothing was going to crawl under the door to get her.  This morning before leaving for work I checked in and sure enough she was still in one piece and smiled sheepishly and sleepily from her bed.

I don’t know where this fear of hers came from.  I like spiders actually.  They are fascinating little creatures and they take care of a whole host of other nasty little bugs that I am not particularly fond of…so yes, I will keep the spider any day of the week.

Last year we actually had one on the patio and we named it Spencer.  It had this beautifully ornate web and was a black and white striped variety of spider. My daughter was fine with it because it stayed outside.

I guess the one that came in last night failed to go through the proper etiquette of introducing itself.  How rude!

I did manage to get some sleep last night though.  I like to sleep on the side that has the sore arm so it makes it difficult.  I put a bunch of pillows on the side so I would not be able to roll over…but then I just ended up waking up wondering why I couldn’t roll over.

I will let you know how I fared on my run tomorrow.  And if you should happen upon a spider today, say ‘hello’ from me.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by.


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