Ego Busters….

I wanted to run this morning as I have the 10K coming up this Saturday but my shoulder was giving me grief again.  It i s an old injury from a car accident and every once in a while it flares up.  If I am diligent and don’t over do it and give it the rest it needs then I am fine for another six months to a year.  I think the last time I had this occur was last October or November 2011.

As I was laying in my bed in early dawn this morning I had the battle of wanting to run and common sense telling me that if I did I could aggravate the injury and then the run on Saturday would be hampered to some degree.   Common sense won out.  I put some topical cream on it and took a pain-killer and it does feel marginally better.  Regardless, I will be running this Saturday and I really want to come in under an hour.  I want to have a personal best and I only have to shave off about 3 minutes.  I will keep you posted.

On my way in I stopped to get my morning coffee.  A woman was talking to a young man who works there and they were discussing their plans for the weekend.  She was telling him that she was going to get her hair done and have a spa treatment and she said “This weekend it is all about me.”

The statement just seemed to hit a rather strange chord with me.  I don’t know why.  We should all do nice things for ourselves.  We need to be kind to self.

Yet I got to thinking about the whole ego thing again.  I have been working to let go of ego.  I have been working on just acceptance of who I am and everything around me as it is.  Not always easy in a society that dictates that age is a disease and to be accepted as presentable you should aspire to be a size zero.

What exactly does that mean?  Size zero?  Don’t you think it interesting that we have a ‘Size nothing’ in our vocabulary.  There is no such thing as a size zero.  Even a new-born baby has substance and I guess what the message I see being sent out is that as women we should aspire to be nothing.

I know I have ranted a bit about this before.  I really don’t get where this mindset came from.

I was thinking the other day about the youth movement in the 1960’s.  Originally the message was a good one but it got tangled up in drugs and we somehow lost direction on that one.  But for a short time a seriously pure thought was planted in a generation and a vision of what this world could look like if we let love prevail, if we set aside our petty prejudices and judgments, if we looked past our borders and our religions.  For that brief moment in time this idea was shared and then it just slipped away.

All the young people of that time, well,  many got married, bought a house, had 2.5 children, got the 9-5 job.  What happened to the revolution?  What happened to saving the whales?  What happened to “Make Love Not War”?  What happened to forgiveness?  What happened to acceptance?

I am at the tail end of the baby boomer phenomenon so I think I view things perhaps just a little differently.  I have always felt like I was trying to catch up.  Just when I thought I could buy a home the prices skyrocketed, just when I thought I had the fabulous job, layoffs occurred.

Now we live in this time that just seems so artificial.  We now have cookie cutter people.  Go to a cosmetic surgeon and they can make you look like a Barbie Doll.  And this is supposed to make us feel what exactly?  Once all the fat has been sucked out…the boobs have been enhanced…the face has been lifted and the lips have been injected to make them appear plump, this is going to do what?  Will it stroke our ego?  Will we now feel ‘superior’ in some way?  Will we now feel beautiful and desirable?

My question is why don’t we feel that now?  Minus the superior part.  I would never want to feel that way to begin with.  We are all so unique in our own right and we should celebrate this each and everyday.  Good health is important.  Taking care of ourselves on a daily basis, most definitely.  If we don’t care for our being we should not expect anyone else to.  Mind you, there are those individuals who do require assistance in their daily care.

My brother was one such individual.  Born with damage to his brain, as he progressed through his life he would ultimately require daily care on all levels.  The interesting thing is he was such a beautiful spirit.  He loved to sing and always smiled it seemed.  And I am sure he never saw himself has having a disability, he just was who he was.  We were the ones who saw him as having a disability.

At the end of the day I have been blessed with the vessel that is my body and while I have certainly abused it during the course of this lifetime, I have now come to appreciate and nurture that which houses my soul.

So I will continue in my efforts to let go of ego.  I will continue in my efforts to give back to this world in positive and loving manner.  I will continue in my efforts to share this with all my fellow sisters and brothers that inhabit this beautiful blue sphere.

Enjoy your day!


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