Hello Earthlings…..

Feeling rather strange at the moment.  I have been sleeping really well as of late which is great. For a few months there I was pretty restless in that department.  Now I have just been having these wack-a-doodle dreams.  The kind that make you wake up and go ‘Huh?’


Dreams fascinate me though.  We are simply experiencing a deeper consciousness when we are sleeping, or at least that’s what I think.  Still the stuff I have been dreaming about lately….I just wonder where the hell it comes from?

That got me to thinking on the drive in this morning about life beyond our planet.  If you’ve guessed that I did in fact have a dream about this then you would be correct in your assumption.  I was playing with a being from out amongst the cosmos, though I really cannot say where this took place, but I could hardly see her.  She was very funny and we were both incredibly in awe of one another.  She existed and moved at a higher frequency and that was why it was so hard to see her and vice versa.  So we got into this match of seeing if we could find the right vibratory frequency to actually have a really good look at each other.

Oddly enough I seemed to actually know a thing or two about raising my vibratory frequency, though at this moment it is completely lost to me.  And trust me when I tell you I am no science major….not at all!

And the communications .  It wasn’t even like speech…it was more like a thought being planted in your head and you know that the thought is not yours because it feels so totally foreign and so totally not you.  In any case there were moments while we played at this game, laughing delightfully, that for a suspended second in time we would glimpse each other.  She was this silvery, luminous creature.  Small in stature.  Willowy…like a breath.

Then our curiosity increased.  We were trying to nail down the equation as to the frequency we would each have to sustain in order to be in the same dimension.  This is about the time the alarm clock rudely pulled me from my slumber.

As I drifted back into the waking world I felt a little sad.  Then I had my ‘Huh?’ moment.  Then I actually started to entertain the idea that perhaps I was communicating with life beyond our planet.

Now before you lock me up and throw away the key, let me just say that I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible.  If you go to bed in the evening and enter the realm of sleep with an ‘open consciousness’  perhaps that is the key.  I don’t know.  Just a thought.  On the drive in it occurred that maybe it was real on some other level.

Then I got to thinking some of the things I would want to ask such a being.  Do you feel?  Do you love?  Do you hurt?  Do you cry?  What does touch feel like to you?  What sensations pass through you?  What star is yours?  What does your home look like?  How do you learn?  What do you consume to nourish your body?  Does it taste good? How do you mate?  Do you like it? Tell me everything.

Then I wondered what some of the questions I might be asked.  If I were from another star system I might ask, “Hey Earthling, why do you kill each other?  Why do you hurt your young?  Why do you have wars?  Why do you poison your world?

In response to this I think I might simply reply, ‘Because we are human.  It is the animal in us.’

In any case…off I go to earn my daily bread.  And tonight I will again dream…

Enjoy your day.



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