I’ve Got to Use My Imagination….

Yes, I definitely need to use this tool to its maximum ability.  And I don’t.  I have a healthy imagination, very healthy.  So I got to thinking why is it so hard to take what is playing in living colour in the good ol’ grey matter and translate it into real time?

As I asked myself that question I smiled and answered, “What, you trying to get yourself arrested darlin’?”

Now I am just being cheeky which is fine.  Seriously though we all imagine certain things.  Think about the first guy that looked up into the sky and saw a bird flying above him and he thought, “I would love to do that.”

So the guy builds these wings, goes up on top of roof or something like that and jumps off flapping his wings like crazy.  Of course, he plummets to the ground and likely broke something as I am guessing that he didn’t anticipate falling so he likely didn’t have something soft beneath him to break his fall. Still he tried it and from that came the desire to figure out how we can fly and now we do.

A part of me thinks about this scenario and I wonder what if he had been successful and had taken flight?  How long would he have been able to remain in the air flapping those huge wings?

I would think that he would have tired quite quickly from the weight of the wings and the laws of gravity would naturally prevail.

There are so many things we have imagined that have come to fruition.  There are a lot of things that I wish had not come into being.  If there is one thing though once the collective mind is made up, its made up for better or worse.

Now I am just about to start my work day, yet I am a gazing out at this beautiful summer day and imaging myself laying down at the shoreline letting the surf kiss my toes…and just letting myself get swallowed up and cradled by the sand.  The water would feel refreshing and I love the sound it makes.  Now I could get up from desk and head over to the beach, which is not too far from here and do just that, but the consequence could be that when I made my way back to work I might find I no longer have a job.  I can hold this little imagining then, put into storage and then wake up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday and go and actually apply this little imagining.

I can imagine what my room at home will look like when I finally get around to fixing it up completely and I will.

I can imagine a variety of lovers and just one of them would do quite nicely, thank you.

I can also imagine a world not driven by an artificial economy.    I can imagine a world without war.  I can imagine a lot of good things in this context and all I can do is change how I think and behave in the world.  That is the only way I can affect change.

But it could happen in my lifetime.  I do know that something has got to give.  We cannot continue on the path that we are as we are writing our own eulogy should we continue on this path.  We like to think that we are above this world, separate from it in some sense, and can manipulate and exploit it at our will.  Look what has happened with that mindset?

Honestly, do we need 5 T.V.’s, 3 computers, an iPad,  4 cell phones, 2 cars, a house, a cottage for the summer or an R.V.?  We are excessive.  We have all of our things, our gadgets and we are told that having these things will make us happy.  And we take on huge amounts of debt to have all of these things.  Why?

With this artificial economy though, we will continue to be told what we need in order to find our own personal Utopia.  I think of the billions of dollars spent on medications, on weight loss products, on beauty (cosmetic surgery, body enhancements), on things that slice and dice, on electronics….and the list can go on.  Oh don’t get me wrong.  I like creature comforts as well.  But I have one T.V.  It is a flat screen tube T.V.  It does the trick.   I don’t watch a lot and the picture is really quite good on it.  I have an old stereo that still has the turntable and I still do have vinyl records.   It also has a dual tape deck and I have those too.  The CD’s I can play on the DVD player attached to my T.V.  I have a nice home.  I bought furniture that I liked and that is good quality.  I don’t anticipate ever having to buy any of these things ever again.  I am on my third computer in about a 16 year period.  The next one of these that I get will be a lap top.  I like the mobility aspect to them.  But that won’t be for a while.

It just seems strange to see the excess that some people have.  A friend of mine has eight, yes eight T.V.’s in her house.  They all  of the newer variety and they are at least 42″ screens.  Everyone in the family can watch whatever they want when they want.  I think of the energy being used and sorry, but it is a waste.

These are the things we really need to address.  Our consumption of resources is ridiculous.  I see families now having to choose between paying their utilities bill and putting food on the table.   Costs will only continue to rise as our consumption increases.  The thing of is, we don’t need these things.  We don’t need to use the amount of energy that we do.  We can eat a healthy diet with whole foods at a moderate cost.

In any case, I can use my imaginings to see a way past this and I will continue to share this with people.  I have certainly had my moments of excess, believe me.  There are still many areas I can improve in and will endeavour to do so.

We just need to take care or our home which is Earth.  It is a collective responsibility and one I believe we are more than capable of achieving.

So let’s do it.

Have a great day!




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