Friday the 13th…a conspiracy?

I love summer.  To get up and go for a run a 5:00 AM with the air deliciously warm is just divinity in and of itself.  Moving through the fragrant air, all the different scents washing over me.  It is interesting as I was thinking about the winter air this morning during my run.  Both feel so different yet both are so stimulating in their own unique way.  Summer runs feel a bit more lazy though I am working just as hard.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t have to layer my clothing.  Perhaps it’s when I step outside on a summer morning such as this, it feels like a warm blanket enveloping me.

Winter tends to bite a bit when you first walk out into the air.  It gives you a bit of a smack and makes you move just a little faster in order to warm the blood.

In any case, I had a fabulous run this morning.

Last night when I got home I was watching a documentary called ‘Conspiracy Rising’.  It was interesting and a little disturbing.  All these conspiracy theories that are being thrown about these days.  They date back for as long as we have likely walked on this planet.  I guess the mindset is what I find frightening.  If you disagree with the conspiracy theory or question it then you might well be viewed as the enemy.

9-11 is a classic example of this.  It is now being bandied about that bombs were planted in the Twin Towers and that the planes flying into them were just a ruse in order to detonate the bombs.  No.  I don’t believe that.  I watched the thing unfold that day.  The likely culprit as to why the buildings collapsed is the fact that the steel framing in the buildings were not coated with a fire resistant material.  Basically the intense heat caused by the airplane fuel and the extreme fires that raged caused the steel to heat up significantly to the point that it began to soften and lost its structural integrity.  Steel does, after all has a point where it will change and become something of a liquid.  This can only happen with extreme temperatures and I have no doubt the temperatures would have been incredibly hot. Also, the heat would have traveled throughout the steel framing.  It would not just be localized.

When the towers were built there was no anticipation that a jetliner may fly into them one day.  I am not sure but I believe at that time having the steel coated with a fire-retardant material was optional.  Now, at least in Canada, I think it mandatory that such materials be coated and has been like that for a very long time.  In any case, that is my take on why they came down.

Everything about that day was tragic and all that followed.

Sometimes I suppose people want to try to make sense of something that makes absolutely no sense.  When they are offered a possible reason that in some way might explain the why’s and the wherefores of an action I can understand that it may in some way offer closure to some degree.  Or it may just continue to ignite a certain rage, a certain righteous indignation.  At the end of the day though, we have become very good at killing each other world-wide.

This is something I will never understand. I don’t look for reasons or explanations to this.  It is just a sad state of our human condition.  I wish this could change.  I wish that we could look past the borders that we have created in our head.  Those invisible lines that define who we are by the culture that we find ourselves born to.  All I can do in an effort to perhaps bring about this awareness is to simply voice my desires on a medium such as this one.

If we could get past judgements and prejudices. If we could get past various societal classes.  If we could eliminate poverty.  If we could accept ourselves as humans first, all with basic needs and wants, all with basic rights and acknowledgements.  What would that world look like?  To me it looks pretty sweet.

History, like truth can be subjective.  It is wholly dependent upon the person’s telling and from what viewpoint.  For example, we may go in and bomb a country to eradicate a corrupt government.  The people who are being bombed might very well have a different view of the events that are unfolding.  Always it would be prudent to try to look at events from different viewpoints and appreciate the angle that it is being told from.  We don’t always learn our lessons either do we?

In any case, I will strive to make this a better world just by accepting every other being on this planet as my equal.  There are universal truths, fears, rights, needs and laws.  And it is these that I will administer to.  Of course we all have our personal truths that are unique to us.  I am still working on finding mine, though I think I am getting close.

So enjoy your day my friends and fellow beings on this little sphere we call home.  Thank you again for stopping by.


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