The Grace of Feminine Mystique

Cool, sophisticated, elegant, futuristic, fragile, ethereal, beautiful, strong, bold.

These are just a few words that came to mind upon viewing a selection of Holly Armishaw’s newest creations.  Last evening, I attended the opening at Quinary Art Projects hosted by her good friend Wesley Yuen.  I had the pleasure of working with Holly for a little over a year.  She is a remarkable young woman and a gifted artist.  Her choice of expression is photography and she then takes the photographs and manipulates them into beautiful, intriguing and stimulating pieces of art.

Reflective throughout Holly’s work is her use of self-image.  She incorporates images she has taken of her person in various poses and states of dress dependent upon the inspiration she is drawing from for the project being created.

Some of her past series have had rather dark undertones to them that are particularly relevant to and mirror many of the issues that currently exist in our society today.  They present a bold statement, provocative and challenging.

What I particularly enjoyed in this series are the gowns Holly wore which are echoes of an age long since passed. Yet they were given enough of a modern twist to have them compliment and showcase the architecture of Zaha Hadid.  Hadid’s  architectural styling’s are beautifully futuristic with curvatures that invite the eye to explore further and can certainly illicit an emotional response.  Perhaps that is her point in designing structures that have such sensuous lines yet are completely functional.

This series, titled Organic Morphologies, again displays Holly’s elemental vision and talent in creating artwork that is unique, emotional and provocative.  I invite you to check out her website and should you happen to live in the Vancouver area if you have the chance to stop in for a viewing, please do so.

Gallery hours are listed on Holly’s website listed below.


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