Dogs & Academia

A sad note to start.  I had a great workout this morning.  It is a beautiful, hazy summer day in Vancouver and I got ready for work afterward and headed over to Delaney’s to get my coffee.  Miles was the only pooch out front so I scratched his head and chatted up one of the locals.  I mentioned about Cleo having not been around lately and wondered if she and her owners were on an extended vacation.  He informed then that Cleo had been put down last week.  She had a heart tumor that was inoperable.  I immediately felt the sting of tears.  For the last three years that I have been getting my morning coffee from Delaney’s, my beautiful friend Cleo,who was a golden retriever with the most sultry brown eyes you have ever seen, would be stretched out in the door way.  Always she would raise her head and gaze into my eyes and the tail would flop up and down against the pavement.  Everyone always knelt down to pay homage to Cleo.  Never did she have to rise to greet anyone.  She was getting on in years.  Lame in one foot, but you know, she just had such a gentle spirit about her.

I will miss her dearly.

Earlier, on the drive in this morning I was thinking about intellect.  We were out visiting family from out of town last night after our run.  My daughter’s aunt and cousin from her father’s side of the family are quite accomplished.  Both have PhD’s and are brilliant women.  Getting just a glimpse of this hierarchy on the bell curve is intriguing.  I started to think about intellect.  How we develop it, why some are seemingly born with a more acute and more highly developed brain.  Does it start in our youth with how we begin to learn, how we are stimulated to learn?

For many years I viewed myself as being very much lacking in the intellect department.  I only have the benefit of a Grade 10 education, and when I went back to school in my 30’s to take an accounting program, I applied as a ‘mature’ student.   I left school at sixteen because of some rather extenuating circumstances that were occurring in my life at that time and have been on my own pretty much since that time.  Much of my continued education has come through reading and my own curiosity.  We never stop learning.

I accept now that I am a very intelligent woman.  I accept that I can apply the knowledge I have gained thus far to the betterment of this world that we live in.  Still, I wondered on the drive in what if I had the benefits of a full education growing up?  What if I had been encouraged and stimulated to learn?  Where would that have lead?

Such ruminations, I am certain we all do this from time to time.  Ah well.  I am encouraged and stimulated to learn now…so let’s see where it will lead, okay?

A lifetime ago, when I was just shy of 19 years of age, a man gave me a rock.  He told me that rocks and stones are one of the most widely used objects in any number of ceremonies.  He said that it had taken thousands of years for the rock that I held in my hand to come into its current state.  He told me that I did not know where it had been, that I didn’t know the tears that it had absorbed or perhaps even the blood that had been spilled on it.  this rock that I was holding held a history of several lifetimes and he encouraged me to tell the rock my stories and to add to the history that it held and when I was done to release it back to this world.

I have carried various stones with me ever since.

Intelligent life is all around us.  The trees, the rocks, the air, every living creature on this planet that has such an abundance of life.  Intelligent life is beyond our earthly plane.  It is everywhere and we are interchangeable with all of it because we are part of it.

Have a great day everyone.



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