This has been a great weekend.  It is now 12:50 PM on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I have just forwarded the draft of my book to Claire to begin the editing process.  Yes, there is still work to be done to make this into a cohesive piece of literature, but I do need to step back a bit at the moment and let this thing take form.  I was trying to finish up a few thoughts that had been something of stray ends that drifted off into nowhere.  Then noted that I had a chapter that just sort of started but never went anywhere after a few paragraphs in, but I decided to just send all 80,000 plus words off to begin the process of becoming book.

There have been times, particularly in the last week or so where I feel like I am repeating myself.  I guess what is difficult for me at times is that I write it out in longhand and then incorporate that into the telling of the tale.  Perhaps I was just too immersed in it this last week or so that I just got too deep and perhaps at times just did too much and went after too many trains of thought.

They start to run together.  We will see.  An interesting exercise none the less.

Yesterday my daughter and I got up early. We have a 10K coming up in two weeks times.  We headed down to English Bay, parked the car and went for a fabulous run along the seawall to the top of Merilees Trail in Stanley Park and back, so about 6-7K all together.  Absolutely spectacular.  I am blessed living in this place.  We were running along the trail which just has breath-taking views.

Now let me share this with you.  English Bay is a very central beach in Vancouver and is at the base of Denman and Davie Streets.  We ran North along the Seawall which encompasses Stanley Park in its entirety.  We passed Second Beach then on to Third Beach where we ran up some stairs to the start of the Marilees Trail.  There are several trails throughout Stanley Park but this one starts with an incline.  It becomes quite steep and I did have to walk a portion of it, however, in comparison to last year when I first ran it, I am doing great.

Now we come to the top of the incline and there are a few other trail heads that start but we stay on this and it dips around a corner then goes back to being on grade and you will be running a few hundred feet above the beaches now with a spectacular view of the water and the Northshore mountains.  Yesterday was a cloudless summer day here in Vancouver with a wonderful breeze coming off of the water.  God, it was spectacular.

And I felt so strong.  I was just so in the zone.  I was truly in heaven.  And there is always that sense of completion now when I finish a run, a race, a book….

I love this feeling.  I love this sense of completion.  It encourages me to continue to grow and expand.  It moves me to want become even better in oh so many ways.  It inspires me to reach out and engage.

So now I will get my house work tended to, then get out and enjoy this day for a few hours.

Yes, I need to separate myself from what I have been working on for a few days.  Then when I do come back to it I can look at it with fresh insight.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.




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