Fabulous run this morning. I felt so incredibly light this morning just being whisked along on an early morning summer breeze.  Sometimes I get really caught up on just the mechanics of the thing.  The way the breath moves in, through and out of the body.  The way the muscles expand and contract.  I do try to focus on my posture and here is when I do a visual.  I try to visualize how I look running.  I want the back straight, the head up the shoulders tall.  I truly feel cleansed after a run.

Driving in on this spectacular morning I got to thinking about the people who have touched my life.  I asked myself this question.  Of all the people who have come into my life, however briefly, who would I like to see again to thank them.  Quite often in my life time I have not realized the benefit of having met someone until after the fact.  Only in reflection do I come to see the true value of the exchange.

This was a tough question because there have been many who have graced me with their presence and quiet wisdom.  I can only hope that I wasn’t too acerbic at times.  It was hard when I met someone who showed me genuine care and love and I latched onto it ravenous in my want and need.  Starved for the affection and attention that had always been denied to me.  More often than not though the attitude I brought forward was a bit too much.   Still I had those few who let me know that I did matter.

I can’t really narrow it down to one person that I would want to thank because it was the mosaic of interactions with all of them that have brought me to the state of being I am today.  I guess its nice to know that even while I was living in hell I was blessed so many times in this manner and I would venture to say that in some way they helped me find my way out of that place.  What I can do is send a prayer of thanks out to each of them and hope that it touches them in some way. Maybe the best way to show my appreciation is simply by remembering the simple kindness that they offered to me.

I know for many who have been hurt we hang onto that pain. We wear it openly and let it encompass all that we are.  It becomes incredibly heavy over the years, incredibly tedious, incredibly lonely.  It is something that we know too well and sadly accept as well.  It sits in our hearts, staining the beauty that lies beneath.

Just release it.  That is the only way to move forward.  Forgive.  More importantly forgive yourself.  The lightness of being that follows as you release all of this pain and hurt will amaze you.

After pondering this question this morning I hoped that I have touched some lives in like manner as well.  They say that imitation is the highest compliment that you can pay to someone, and while I don’t know that’s necessarily true, I would venture to say that if by offering kindness to others now reflects those who have helped me along life’s path then yes, I do want to mirror this.

Our time on this earthly plane is brief.  Let’s share it in the best possible way, not the worst.

Enjoy your day everyone and thank you once again for stopping by.


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