Coming Up For Air

Well what a week this has been.  I have not been very attentive to my posts but I have been well immersed and drowning in words.  I took a few days off my regular job to complete the draft of my book.  That was an interesting experience.  I would get up at about 7:00 AM put the coffee on and just have at her.  You know, the typical food breaks and bathroom breaks and stretching the cramped up neck and legs out, then back at it.  Last Wednesday and Thursday were like this and they were marathon writing sessions where I could let myself get immersed up to my eyeballs and beyond and just keep going.  No fear of having to stop and go to bed.  So by 2:00 AM and quite delirious sleep came easily.

That is one of the reasons I don’t like writing on a week night because I start to run with the thought and I find that very hard to turn off.  In fact, I end up going to bed with the grey matter still purring away just as sleep comes to claim me that brilliant little thought explodes and I lay they once again fully awake feel torn between getting up and jotting it down or claiming the sleep that I so desperately need.

It was interesting to write until I was almost sick of it, sleep for five or six hours then get up and do it all again.  And I would wake with the head already beginning its task of forming descriptive text, narrative text, dialogue….just text, text and more text.  In a way I wish I had a USB port behind my left ear that I could just connect to my computer and let it take dictation.  That’s kind of spooky actually.  No doubt at some point in time we might well have the technology to do that.  So I best be careful what I wish for.

In any case I got the job done.  The first draft is pretty much complete.  I just need to check a few things over then I will send it off to Claire for her brilliant editing skills.

Funny thing is I didn’t even do any exercise really.  No running, nothing.  Just write, eat, sleep and that was about it.  Not that I am going to do this all the time as I found it equally draining emotionally and physically.  This is not something I have ever committed to doing before where I just write for five days straight and I must say I enjoyed the freedom of it.

Yesterday though it was back in the gym and I went for a run last night with my group.  We did a tempo run over the Burrard St. Bridge then down to the seawall.  All together about 6K or 7K.  Nice little jaunt. It felt fabulous getting out moving and the smell of the ocean.  Ah!  Loved it. I do have a 10K race coming up on July 21st so I really need to buckle down with that and really train hard for the next few weeks.

I know I have mentioned it before but I love words and last week I got to play with them in big way.  I will definitely be playing with them a lot in the future.

Here in Vancouver we are gearing up for our two weeks of Summer!  That is typically how long any stretch of hot weather lasts in these parts before the rain once again makes an appearance.  Trust me after the two weeks of hot weather, which by most standards is not that hot, we will all be complaining about it.  Never happy weather wise, are we?

So enjoy your day wherever you may be and again thank you for stopping by.


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