Then the night came…

An interesting and stimulating day.  Four chapters now remain to complete the draft of my memoir.   Fear invades the ideology that has thus far been very honest and forthcoming.  So…I restructure the thing this day.  Then I meet my daughter for lunch, head down to the Art gallery to check out the new exhibit.  Jot down some notes, head over to a friend’s house to discuss my state of mind and hers, then come home and off to the local pub with my daughter to grab a bite.  Her boyfriend will join us and we will imbibe close to the witching hour.

And now I am sitting at my computer working on the final four chapters of my book.  I am intimidated, I must say.  I am exhilarated, fearful, and blessed all in one go.  Will it be accepted?  Have I done my job in relaying this sorry?  Is it too dark?  Is it too light?  I don’t know.  But the release will spell freedom in so many forms for me.

This will be a short entry tonight.  The night has come and I am seeing things in a very different light. I am feeling vulnerable and illuminated all at once and I want to just move forward with child like exuberance.  So why can I not do these things?  What is it that holds me back?

In any case this is my rant tonight.  Send me the genie in a bottle.  I  could use a miracle or two.


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