The Edge of Summer

Here we are with the summer solstice about to take place.  Where o’ where has this year gone?  Time is an interesting concept.  We measure everything.  I wonder where that came from? 

I have been thinking about some of the most important inventions in history.  By and far the one that in my mind dramatically changed the way we live would be the printing press.  Once the ability to mass produce the written word occurred, the push was on to become educated.  Everything began to evolve.  Or at least it would appear so, as the ability to manipulate through the written word began work it’s way into our society.

Sometimes I am confounded by the idea that a small USB flash drive holds the contents of a book I have been working on that is closing in on 275 pages.  We continue with new technologies at such an accelerated pace that it is at times hard to keep up.  What I have learned in all this is that I don’t have to keep up.  My head can only assimilated so much information, then it will just go into safe mode and ignore me. 

So I keep it simple and only source out the things that truly will benefit me or that I require at that time. 

A while back I read an article that stated we had become oblivious to the world around us because of the written word.  We put so much stock into reading and researching in this manner that we had disconnected ourselves from our other senses that could provide very useful information. 

Before the printing press came into being information was passed along largely by way of storytelling or song.  Drums for example have a language.  I discovered this when I took a drumming class awhile back.  This fascinated me.  Way back in history tribes could relay messages to each other in this manner.  Think of the ability to read the wind, the stars.  Know the time of day simply by the length of shadows.  Know different plants and herbs and whether they were good for you or dangerous. 

But there you have it, always our need and desire to measure and weigh things.  We think it impossible that Stonehenge could have built without the technologies of our time, yet I really believe we lost generations of information.  You take the Mayans, brilliant mathematicians.  So precise in fact, that we believe through their calculations they have determined the end of our time. 

They obviously had an extremely well-developed knowledge base, so why is it so hard to believe that another culture could not have calculated how to move the massive blue stones that make up Stonehenge.  Obviously they knew what they were doing because they did in fact build the thing. 

Record keeping was much different at one time.  It is as if there is a void though, where a lot of information was lost likely because the people who held that knowledge were killed off.  Don’t get me wrong.  Books are fabulous.  I am a huge fan of the written word, and it it has been the written word that has encouraged me to pay homage to all the other ways by which we can communicate and should continue to do so. 

Conversing with people is something I love to do as well and yes, later this year I want to begin to study the language of the drum. 

Well, here we are on the edge of summer.  Let’s jump in and play. 

Enjoy your day.


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