A poem…fun…silly

The Crazies Got Me                                                                           By Nancy Pilling

                                                                                                            June 19, 2012

Howling at the moon on any given night,

Might be cause for a throat that’s sore come morning,

But I won’t tell just so long as you keep my secret,

Then again, maybe no secrets should be kept,

These urges and desires,

Let’s put it out there, let’s just play, can you get away?

I’ve got a lifetime of Monday to Fridays,

But I’ll keep Saturdays and Sundays just for you,

That’s the sentence but what’s the charge?

The crazies got me when I get thinking about you,

Strange impulses and stranger tides,

Images and pieces of light,

Strewn together with remnants of midnight,

Vibrations with no sound,

Yet every word unspoken completely understood,

I’m told its in the eyes.


The crazies got me good this time,

Just this odd little dance on the corner of your imagination,

‘Cause you’re doing a number on mine. 

Betcha can’t catch me,

But I’ll let you if you try,

Then again perhaps not,

I can smell the heat and I can taste the air,

I can feel your fever,

Do you want my cure?


Gotta go crazy every now and then,

Fun place to be if you can afford the fare,

So come on, just go crazy one me. 

Let’s not put it off one more day,

I will dance along the shadow’s crest,

Play in twilights sweet imagination,

Come ride this wave of pleasure,

Meet me when the Sun kisses the moon,

And where the sea meets land on our desert dune,

I’ll be there catching comets by the tail

And just howling at the moon.


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