Friday girl…

My Friday is winding down.  It has been a busy one, yes-siree Bob!

I got to work at 7:45 AM and from the moment I walked in I was moving.  Now I am at that ‘Can I go home now? No?  Can I have drink now? ‘ stage of the day.  Somedays are more demanding than others, I suppose.

You will be happy to know I slept really good last night.  My alarm went off at 4:45 AM and I was up and out for my morning run effortlessly.  And what a beautiful morning it was!  Blue sky, wispy white clouds.  I love how I feel after a good nights rest as well.  Nothing is forced.  The energy is just there for me to use…or not.

What was slipping through the old brain on this morning’s run-a-bout was the funny names we give things and the advertisements that go along with them.  What got me thinking along these lines was  a new shower gel container sitting on my bathroom counter called ‘Harmony Time’ by Nivea.  They have ‘Happy Time’ and a few others.  I am assuming by these names that when I use them I will feel ‘Happy or Harmonious’ or at least my skin will.  Impressive for a shower gel.  Then I thought about the commercials they have.  Why do people always smile while they are having a shower?

I don’t stand there smiling manically as I am tending to my personal hygiene. I wonder how a shower gel is supposed to make me feel ‘harmonious’ anyway? But perhaps I should try smiling whilst tending to my basics.  I already enjoy it, will I like it even more?  Will I never want to leave because I like it so much?  Will I want to stay in on a Saturday night like they do in the Herbal Essence commercial?  Will I never want to leave the confines of the shower because it is just such a joyous event?

Commercials just appeal to our sense of want.  Look at the Axe  Body Wash for men?  They have these beautiful women crawling all over them because…..? They smell good………..?  And women are just that easy that we will go ape over a man who is clean……..? I don’t know if I buy that but I am sure a lot of guys do, and let’s face it, we want clean men.

Hmmmm.  What is it really like to be Zestfully clean?  Would I ever walk into the work place and say ‘I feel zestfully clean today.’  (I would still have the maniacal smile on my face as I said this too)

Then you have the CIALIS and VIAGRA adds.  Some guy has ditched is buddies cause he is getting it on tonight or he is dancing down the street because he just got laid by his wife of 35 years.  I have yet to witness any man dancing down the street because he just got laid…period.

Some commercials are funny as hell.  Those are the ones I prefer.  One that I saw a while back had to do with KY warming jelly for him and her.  It showed a couple sitting in bed each holding their respective tube of KY and the sheet in front of them.  They both looked somewhat confused.  The next shot showed them sitting in bed holding the sheet in front of them, huge smiles on their faces and their hair was a mess.  They figured out how to use the KY jelly.  Very simple and to the point and expressive.

Superbowl has become synonymous with advertising.  People now watch the Superbowl specifically to see the ads.

The ads that drive me around the bend and their are a number of them but at the top of the list….ads for drugs such as anti-depressants.

They have someone feeling horrible and they start to take the drug and bam…they feel good but watch out for, and then comes the auctioneer voice rattling off a hundred side effects that ‘may or may not cause death, that may or may not cause thoughts of suicide, that may or may not cause bleeding and drowsiness.’  I am at times amazed that people actually take the stuff at all.

Then we have our food ads…damn things.  Those little subliminal messages that are sent while watching a movie.  A greasy pizza covered in pepperoni and cheese pops up on the screen, a huge melt-in-your-mouth burger, chocolate, pasta and the next thing you know you want it.

That is what advertising is though.  It lets you believe that you need it, that you can’t function without it.  I love the commercial of the guy driving with his family through what looks like the Amazon and he calls On-Star for directions to what… the closest waterfall?  Really?

As for the beer ads, this is a warning to all the guys out there.  Now that you have drank all that beer and you are seeing supermodels snow skiing in bikinis please know that you are drunk. Yes, you are really, really drunk.  When you are drunk everything appears ‘better’, even you.  So those commercials are only showing you what you see when you have imbibed just a wee bit too much.

Now that I have gotten this little curious anomaly out of my system I am off to enjoy a blissful weekend.  Have great evening everyone!



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