Restless Energy

I have been experiencing a restless energy as of late.  I don’t know why either.  I feel as if this shift is about to occur and I am not too sure how this will manifest itself but this feels like it is going to be a big one.  And I don’t even know in what context.  Is this just a major personal shift that is about to occur or is it bigger than that?  Will it affect others?

The other night I was laying in bed and sleep was really taking its time in claiming my conscious state.  I started to think about all of the astrological events that have been occurring.  Last month we had a partial eclipse of the moon.  A few days ago we had the Transit of Venus which we will never see again in this lifetime.  I wondered if this was the reason I was feeling this way. These events certainly create a very unique and powerful energy.

Here I am standing still and there is this part of me that is saying, ‘No, you are not standing still.  You are never really standing still.’  This of course, is very true.  We never truly are still and there really is no such thing as complete silence.  But for this one moment I feel suspended.  Frozen in time. It is this odd sensation that I need to mark this moment.  Capture it and commit it to memory.

Will this moment look the same years later when I dust it off or will it have becoming something else entirely?

I suppose my point in all of this is I want to be moving, but toward what I don’t know.  I suppose I am feeling a bit directionally challenged at the moment.  There is this excited sense of anticipation that is welling up inside of me.    I think this is where the restlessness may be coming into play.  I just want to open myself to everything and experience everything.  I just want all of this to wash over me and allow me to soak it all up and drown in it.

My mind is just programming a ton of stuff these days.  I feel a bit like someone slipped into the night and implanted a new mega processor into this brain of mine.  So the head is moving a at this ridiculous pace with thoughts and ideas forming constantly then reconstructing them as they are forming.  Unfortunately the rest of me hasn’t quite caught up to all of this so I am just a bit off centre.

I am realizing that there are no limits.  None.  Potential is a bottomless pit and I want to just dive in.  Then I got to wondering if I was strong enough to bite off  some of the things I have been deliberating.

Because they are good things then the answer has to be ‘Yes’.  Whatever shift is about to occur I hope that I depart from it with the same sense of wonder and excitement that I have going into it.

Have a great day everyone!


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