Why Not Think Big?

Since being a participant in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay commemorating the Man In Motion Tour, I have really been pondering the idea of how much of a difference I want to make.  That acceptance has been very profound for me.   Driving into the gym this morning I was just letting all the little thoughts that occur so randomly slip through the grey matter.  I smiled at some of the little oddities that happened to stop by.  I got to thinking about letting go of my ego again.  I don’t know that it is possible to let go of it completely but I am attempting at just being.

I have had an idea for a fundraiser for some time now and last week I decided to follow that thought and see where it leads.   My vision of it is fabulous so let’s see if we can make ‘fabulous’ happen, shall we?

What I am hoping more than anything with this idea of mine is to connect with women in way that is truly unique and beneficial to all of us.  This event will be an ‘umbrella’ event for several charitable groups that  help women in crisis.  Funding always seems to be a key issue so the idea in principle is to bring all of these organizations together for one day, invite 20 to 40 thousand women and have some fun.  I have the letter drafted up to send out to all of the organizations and I just need to finish putting together a preliminary outline and program of events then I will do my mail out and hopefully get a favourable response.

I will keep you posted on this little project of mine.

I have been looking very deep inside of self as of late.  For a very long time I never felt that I mattered in this world.  For a very long time I had very little, if in fact any self-worth.  Now I am in this place where these things are opening up before me and I am thinking ‘Why not? It is certainly worthwhile exploring.’  I feel this energy in me that really is quite remarkable and I just get so giddy with the excitement and knowledge that I really do matter, that I do have a place in this world and that I am connected to everything and everyone around me.  Don’t tell me I can’t do something.  I listened to that for far too long.

I understand too that I am the person I am today because of my past.  We all make choices.  I was for a very long time existing in my past.  I have now chosen to evolve and live in the present moment for it really is all we have.  This will not come again.  It will not be repeated.  And at this moment to my way of thinking, we all matter.

And as I continue to grow in this manner there is this delightful sense of wonder at all that is around me.  If you could see me right this moment, you would see a woman having a pretty good hair day with a lopsided smile on her face.  I am going to dive into my work now.  Much to do and all the time in the world to do it.

Enjoy your day!



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