Just Feeling, Feeling Poetic…

Can you tell me?                                 By Nancy Pilling

I’m standing in the rain letting it wash away your sins,

Tears betray the sound of laughter,

You say I’m crazy, the way I see it I’ve got cause to be,

Can you tell me?

Why it wasn’t enough that you tried to crush my soul?

What kind of eulogy would I give to the dearly departed,

When the faint embers of life still glow?

The eight times that you told me you loved me, I think you only meant it twice

Why was it so hard to feel the gift I offered?

Why was I so easy to let go?

I’m standing in the dark of night letting the moonlight kiss my skin,

A virgin heart beats within,

Broken so many times yet it waits for love to steal it away,

Can you tell me just what love is?

When I think I know, it changes face again,

I gave my heart, didn’t ask for anything in return,

Perhaps that’s where I went wrong,

Just want to hear those three words,

Know they’re true when spoken,

One look in my eyes and I am sure you will see the depth of love waiting patiently,

Echoes call from a lifetime ago,

Reminding me of a long forgotten dream,

Can you tell me where love goes?

It was here just a moment ago…

I held it close…in a fevered grip then it slipped away into the night.

I have chased love all my life.

I have said “Hey look, I’m here, don’t disappear.”

But when the morning comes and I look around,

Here I am…I’m still alone.


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