If this person has fallen over please put in an upright position…

‘Please put in an upright position‘ is the sign I should have around my neck these days.  My inability to stay propped up my two legs has truly been a challenge this year.  In fact, I cannot recall a time in my life when my coordination just seemed to be challenged at every turn.

This morning I had a fabulous workout.  I got myself all polished up for work.  Even liked the hair today.  I walk outside into a bit of monsoon weather wise.  The skies just opened up with a deluge and that’s cool.  I like rain.  Particularly Spring of Summer showers.  There is no wind at all and it is quite mild out.  It just pours down with rain for however long it feels the need then just stops. Life in the rainforest.

I made my way to my car feeling quite good with a jump in my step and I tossed my gym bag into the car then began my walk over to get my coffee.  I was thinking how lovely it was with the rain falling and oops….the shoe hits a leaf and flies off my foot and in my attempt to juggle the umbrella and not fall, I kind of did the splits then rolled onto my backside.  I must, I am certain, look very awkward when I do fall.  In any case all I could do is laugh.  Yup, gonna have another bruise that looks like I got into a fight with a battering ram.   The funny part of this as well is that as I sat on the ground getting wet I still had my umbrella up over my head.  Now I would love to have taken a picture of that.

I got up, brushed myself off and found my shoe….and therein lies the problem.  The shoes I am wearing today are flats with absolutely no traction whatsoever.  In this kind of weather I could probably ‘ice skate’ in them and perhaps throw in a jump or two if I was so inclined.  I continued on to get my coffee.  Barb smiled at me and commented about the rain and I asked her how bad things looked from behind.  I turned so she could assess the damaged to the backside of me.

“Just a little bit of dirt and of course a bit damp.” She chuckled.

I told her I would clean up when I got back to the office, which I have done.  Now at least I seem to be taking turns on which leg gets banged up.  It has continuously gone from left to right to left to right.  So that is a good thing.

That said, all will be well.  If I am to be a bruise this year, I have been quite successful at it I must say.

I had quite a relaxing weekend actually.  I did a lot of work on my book and did a really powerful meditation on Saturday.  I picked up a CD called Kundalini Meditation.  The purpose of this guided meditation is to help clear and align the Chakras which are the energy centers in and around the body.  I listened first to the information CD that explained in detail all of the Chakras and their purpose.  Then I plugged in the CD with the guided meditation on it.  This took about an hour and all I can say is ‘Wow’  This was a very powerful experience for me and I will definitely be doing this one again.

I am just now beginning to really understand meditation.  I started it about a year ago.  I had been in a Kundalini Yoga class and Sat Mukh gave me some meditation mantras to do.  They were timed at between 3 to 11 minutes in length and in truth I really didn’t understand their purpose at that time.  After about a month of doing them everyday  I stopped.  Still I was curious about meditation so I found a group that was teaching different meditation techniques.  I went to four sessions and while they sometimes were good I again was little confused.  It seemed that in these sessions you were to think about nothing and while I have been working toward the ‘quiet mind’ being able to keep all thought out of my head was quite difficult.

I spoke with James about this and he just smiled and laughed and told me that meditations can be different for everyone.  There is no right way or wrong way to do it.  What you choose to think about or what thought you may want to follow while in a meditation is entirely up to you.  So I began to attend his New Moon meditations and I must say they have been different and very profound every time.  I really like doing the group meditations because of the energy that is present in the room.  And this new meditation that I tried on the weekend was really beautiful.  As we progressed through the Chakras, by the time I got to the Sixth Chakras which is the third eye the energy and warmth moving through me was just amazing.

Hopefully I will continue to remain in an upright position when the need is required.  I hope you all have a beautiful day.



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