Watercolour Blue

I have been somewhat remiss in my posts this week but let me assure I have been wielding the might pen this week.  I am still quite the fan of sitting and writing things out in long hand, that archaic and fast becoming obsolete practice.  This has been something of a reflective week.  Sort of a ‘let’s just stop for a brief moment in time and see where we are at’ type of week.

So this morning I rolled out of bed and went for my run and my God it was beautiful out there.  I started to think about a quote that I read the other day.  It was as follows:

“This life is nothing more than an illusion…all that you see before  you does not materially exist…it is simply energy and it only reflects your version of reality.”

I found this rather provocative.  Here I am at 5:00 AM running through a spectacular morning with a sky above me the shade of watercolour blue.  The fragrances and fresh dew on the grass and trees delights the senses.  If this is all an illusion and only exists to me, I like it.  I like it a lot.

What is my reality?  What is yours?  We are all made up of energy.  We all project different vibrations. Of this I am certain.

Several years ago, I was mired in a very deep depression.  At that time I would not have even entertained the idea of running and I don’t know that I would have appreciated the vista I saw before me this morning.  At that time in my life I felt very ‘disconnected’ to everything around me.  My world was very much black and white with various shades of grey thrown in.  For me, at that time, it was an existential world nothing more.  I simply functioned on a very base level.

Now the world that encompasses me is this vibrant living energy that I feel incredibly connected to.  I feel it as I run through the morning air, I am part of everything around me, I am interchangeable with everything around me.

Is this the shift in the illusion?

Do we in fact make our own reality?  We have choices that we make everyday and they certainly reflect on where we end up.  Perhaps we are just these beings of energy responding to the stimuli that is around us.  Perhaps this dictates how we function and manifest our energy in various other areas of our life.  Perhaps it is this stimuli that directs us on the various paths we explore.

When we sleep, what consciousness do we enter into?  It is a deep one, I know this for fact.  If you let it, this will tell you a great deal about the soul that fosters you.

So on that note I will record and commit this day to memory.  Will I remember this day and how it affected me twenty years from now?  Will I still crawl from bed and go for a run at 5:00 AM in twenty some odd years time?  I hope so.  And I hope that I never lose this sense of awe that I feel when I look around me.

If it is an illusion then it is one I hope will become grander in time and be filled with love and childlike exuberance. I can see it now…me, at 75 years of age rolling about on the sand where the water meets the land.

From a distance I hear, “She’s fallen and she can’t get up!”

To which I will reply, “Leave me be, you bastards!  Can’t a woman have some fun anymore?”

Stay tuned and have a great day.




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