Meeting Rick

I became a part of history today.  We are all a part of history really, if you think about it.  As each day comes to a close we have written yet another brief dialogue in the ongoing saga of this world…this life.  But today I did my little 250 metre trek commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Rick Hansens’ Man In Motion Tour.  I will have the opportunity to meet him later today and I feel so very blessed to have been a part of this event. 

The members of our team were given the logistics of the thing and then asked to share a bit of our own story with each other.  As each person briefly told their story I was humbled.  To be chosen to participate among so many incredible individuals.  To actually believe that I can and do make a difference…well, I got a bit teary eyed. 

The organizers of this event treated us absolutely fabulous and wow, I salute each and everyone of them. 

And what did I take away from this event?  We need each other.  We really do.  We need be able to open up to one another, not hide on the sidelines.  Today I saw such beauty in each of their spirits.  I saw so much love, so much compassion.  The vibrations that were being given off and shared….truly remarkable. 

When it came time for me to share my story, I told the room briefly about a woman who had been in a very deep depression.  I told them briefly how that is in fact a disability in many ways because it really does paralyze you emotionally.  I told them how I had started to run again and still am.  I told them how I had watched Rick all those years ago begin his journey and my god, could any of us imagined his impact?  How inspired I have been by people who seemingly have greater challenges to deal with than what I have before me.  I told them how fortunate I felt to be there.  I truly was amongst giants today. 

I want to make a difference.  I really do.  Perhaps it will just be in a small way.  With a smile afforded to a stranger who really needs that acknowledgement or a kind word.  Perhaps the book I am writing will reach out and speak to and encourage people to carry on in some way. One thing I know from my own experience in this life is that it is the people who have come into my life, sometimes very briefly, and given me a little piece of their heart…that is what has truly enabled me to carry on and grow. 

While I was jogging up the hill today I again felt so thankful that I can move like this again.  The gentleman in the pilot vehicle (whose name, please forgive me, escapes me at this moment) was telling me about Lazy Legz Patulli.  Now this young man performed at the opening of the Paraolympics in Vancouver in 2010.  I was at the opening ceremony and was just blown away by his dance.  In any case, Lazy Legz uses crutches and leg braces to walk and dance.  His legs don’t work, you see.  He was part of the Rick Hansen event back in Calgary and did his own 250 metre trek and apparently did it without the use of his crutches or braces.  Yes, he fell a few times.  Yes he struggled.  It was apparently very emotional to see.  I was truly moved in the telling of this story and once again humbled by those around me. 

So I carved out my own little piece of history in this event and I am grateful that I was able to participate.  Have a fabulous day everyone.


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