An interesting and reflective morning thus far.  I was driving in to the gym and the Sun was teasing me…telling me I was wee bit slow getting out of bed these days.  I laughed and told the Sun that I never teased it on all the mornings I drove and ran through the dark of night.  For me there has been this connection to all things as of late.  Wonderfully so.  I am feeling and experiencing the living world around me in a way I never have before.  I am a part of it.  A lot of questions were running through the grey matter this morning.

Why when I strive to be my best do I still hold back?

Why do we have this incessant need to have everything explained to us?

Why if something cannot be explained in terms we understand, do question its  existence or validity?

Why are we so cruel to one another?

Why are we so good at killing?

Why can’t we look past our borders and see ourselves on the other side?

Why can’t we be more accepting?

Why do we hate?

Why do we judge?

Why is it so hard to love?

Why are we all so afraid?

There is this quiet beauty that surrounds me.  In this past year I have come to feel it, then to see it in everything around me.  And the more I am exposed to it, the more I want to drown in it.  Perhaps you think it strange that I talk to the Sun, the Moon, the trees, the rocks, the waters  that surround me.  But why would that be strange?  I share this space with them, do I not just as you do.  They provide the very basics of life for us.  They are just as much alive as we are.  They will likely be around long after we are gone from this world as well.

Yet, it seems with human nature…and perhaps this is where everything went sideways for our species….we always seem to feel that everything is supposed to serve us in some way.  We feel superior for some reason. And yes, I will ask the question…why?

Maybe that is the attitude adjustment we need to make.  Instead of  trying to conquer and tame this world perhaps we need to accept that we are simply part of it.   We will never conquer or tame this world and I would not want to see that happen, for if we were successful in this endeavour I believe the Earth would be no longer be living entity as it is now.

We have seen the power this world of ours has.  She can wipe us out in a heartbeat if she so chooses.  We have seen the power of the wind, of the water, of the rain, of the fires that can erupt from below ground and from the lightening in the sky.  We have witnessed a single wave sweeping away the lives of 10’s of 1,000’s of people.  So we know her power.

This world of ours has been around for millions and millions of years.  Humankind as been around for a nanosecond in the grand scheme of things.  I would like to see us go back to a time where we appreciated every living entity that we share this Earth with.  I would love to see us all just get along.  Then perhaps I would not be asking the questions I did this morning.

As for being my best, I will continue to work on this.  It shouldn’t be so hard, but at times it is.  Trying to get a picture in my head of how I would look at my best…without ego, without judgements, without malice, without fear…

I am getting closer and even when I get there then I have to work at remaining there.

Peace out everyone!



2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Hi Nancy, I think I understand what you mean (although I don’t talk to the sun or the moon etc., I am grateful to God for them). As I understand my religion, we are not to subdue the world, but to safeguard it, but there is also more: we are to look at the world around us, both the human element and the natural element, and realise that it could be better. And then we are to go out and make it better.


    • Hi Michael, I do agree that we are to safeguard it and I really feel we have moved away from that. For me, making little comments on my own to the elements around me is just a very personal little thing I like to do to acknowledge the space I share with them. And I really try to do this with people as well. Thanks.


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